Revlon- Just Bitten Lip Stain (1)Honey


I absolutely love Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain! <3 So far I have three of these (Romantic & Sweetheart) but today I’ll focus on Honey. 1

Honey is very similar to my natural lip colour therefore it really only enhances the colour – giving me more confidence to face the day! ;)
It’s really easy to use and glides well on my lips, but I tend to put some pawpaw ointment/vaseline type of lip balm to moisturise my lips before I put this on. It also has a bit of a minty taste/refreshing feel after you put it on. I don’t tend to reapply because I haven’t needed to. I love that it’s so far really smudge proof and good for layering on/mixing with other Revlon Balms(if you’re after a less dramatic red for example).

I definitely recommend this product for it’s usability and colour but only if you’re after that simple look! If your lips tend to dry easily, then I’d suggest having a clear balm on hand to moisturise your lips. If you’re after a more dramatic statement look, then the other colours in this range are GREAT!! Honey is probably the most casual chic one :P

Note: Some other reviews say that the lip stain balms have been very minty, BUT my other lip stain balm – the Romantic/Romantique one, is NOT minty at all!


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