Birthday Cooking – Sushi & Rice Paper Rolls

It was my lovely boyfriend’s birthday awhile ago.. and I made my first meal for him! I was initially quite stressed because I’d never made sushi OR rice paper rolls either and I wasn’t sure if it’d be successful or if I’d have enough time. I chose to do this because I’ve never made food for him and thought it’d be special + I also wanted to get healthier food into him. It took me a few hours to make including shopping time xD You can get proper recipes just by searching in Google. I’m sure has some ideas :) You can always alter the ingredients slightly and choose your own sauces.sushibf (1)I began by firstly cooking the rice because that is extremely crucial to making sushi! It’s also the process that takes the longest as you also need to let the rice cool down. I used sushi rice and added some rice wine vinegar and sugar into the mixture. Whilst it was cooking, I then did all my prepping – meaning chopping up the carrots,avocado pieces, onion and cucumber thinly, frying egg (adding sugar),washing up bean sprouts (cutting off the ends) shredding chicken and getting meat floss ready. To save time many of my ingredients overlapped for the sushi and rice paper rolls.

You then pretty much place rice first onto nori, then layer the rest of the ingredients onto,then roll it up. After it’s firmly together you can cut them up into smaller pieces. The same goes for rice paper rolls, you must first wet the wraps, then place ingredients on one side and roll it up together like a wrap :)

The different combinations I had included:
1. Chicken, Avocado, Cumber, Carrot
2. Tuna, Cucumber, Carrot
3. Meat floss
4. Nori-tama (Sweetened egg)

Next time I’d like to try making California rolls and also make Sashimi sushi toosushibfMy rice paper rolls!There was some variety, but mostly included of shredded roast chicken, Lebanese cucumber, carrot, bean sprouts, vermicelli and thinly sliced red onion. Hoisin sauce for dipping :) sushibf (2)The final product! Got a few more plates of sushi but they all looked about the same :)

It was pretty fun to make and definitely a healthy option for picnic food. There was soy sauce for the sushi. We ate most of it at home, but later took some out to the riverside. Unfortunately it was really warm so it didn’t taste as good as it did in the morning! But.. on the up side the weather was lovely for a romantic date ^^



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