HEALTHY cooking – Meaty Burgers


I recently had a sleepover with my bestie and we decided to cook instead of eating out. Cooking at home is always good because it helps you save money and helps you control your diet to eat healthier foods. You don’t always know the environment of the restaurants you go to – how much oil they use etc! My dear friend studies nutrition so she knows what she’s talking about – I’ve been getting free advice from her haha ;)

Ok so today I’m sharing with you our awesome healthy burgers!

healthyburgers (2)

The meat patties were made with the combination of mince beef, shaved carrot and lots of parsley + other herbs and spices. You can add ingredients like paprika, garlic powder or thinly chopped up onions and mush it all together to form the round burger patty.

 healthyburgers (3)

While the patties were being cooked, I prepared some fried mushrooms and caramelised onions for extra fillings!

healthyburgers (1)

The final product! If you’re a big eater, I suggest putting more quantities of spinach, onion & mushroom. Or eating another burger works too ;) Beetroot & tomato slices also make a healthy contribution. Sauces are all up to you depending on what you fancy – mustard? tomato? bbq sauce? Lemme know what YOU like :)


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