Momoco Sushi – All you can eat

Momocosushi sign

I went to Momoco Sushi with the family today for their ‘all you can eat‘ option. Each person gets to choose ONE small hot dish, ONE serving of dessert (icecream) and all you can eat sushi nori/salads which is pretty good if you like sashimi! I’ve looked at the Momoco prices for their regular meals and it’s not that cheap so I believe you can easily eat your moneys worth. It won’t be worth it if you’re not a big eater though/you don’t like raw fish! Better off ordering one of their mains :)

With the ‘all you can eat‘ option you are  given a form to fill out with all the sushi/salad choices and you put a number next to how many servings you want of that item.

My family and I have never gone out to eat Japanese altogether before so we were quite excited for our meal. Reading some of the reviews on Urbanspoon did leave me feeling slightly hesitant about dining here so I was really hopeful that my family and I would end up enjoying the food!

Momoco interior

When we arrived I was immediately impressed by the overall look of the restaurant. It’s quite spacious and decorated well. I like the modern dining atmosphere. Straight away it doesn’t look ‘cheap.’



This platter was so good! I’m a HUGE fan of sashimi! Love it, love it, love it! Too bad everything they gave literally came with rice (probably them trying to save money and to fill us up with the rice) I think it would have been nice if they served up salmon sashimi by itself teehee (it’s probably too costly for them though).

Momoco sushi

The unfortunate thing was that they put all the sushi in one large serving plate, rather than separate it over a few plates across the long table. I assume it’s to save up on washing, but it made it difficult sharing the plate across the long table. I was also disappointed with the presentation of the sushi. The picture above is how it arrived and it doesn’t look as appetising as I think it really could! Taste was quite average,I liked the salmon sushi and the unagi (eel) sushi rolls the best! I didn’t really enjoy the California roll though,  they stuffed too much rice in it for my liking! You can see they’re quite fat so it probably won’t take you too long to get filled up.


takoyaki ball

These were two of the hot dishes I managed to get a snap of! (Other hot dishes included dishes such as roast eggplant, fried chicken, beef skewers etc) The top one is Agedashi tofu which was nice, soft and silky. The second dish is takoyaki balls which was good too, not as soft and ‘melt in your mouth’ takoyaki balls I’ve tried before but again satisfactory.



This is the avocado salad and the cucumber/seaweed salad – they were very generous with the portions they gave us for each side dish.The cucumber is dressed with sesame dressing. These are just the perfect side dishes to your meal, I’m a big fan of tasty salads!

NG icecream

The icecream flavours they offer are green tea, black sesame and vanilla. I had the green tea but I also tried a bit of the black sesame. The green tea ice cream was so disappointing. It mainly tasted like vanilla icecream and looked like perhaps they tried to make it green tea by adding some powder and mixing it or colouring? So I was expecting the black sesame to be the same, but surprisingly it was GREAT. It tasted authentic so I’m really not sure what happened to their green tea ice cream :/ I’d definitely recommend getting black sesame if you go here!

Bottom line: Momoco Sushi is not bad but it’s not amazing. It’s overall quite average which to me means it’s decent – good enough for a night out where you can still enjoy each other’s company, get fed and feel good. If you have high expectations over the Japanese cuisine, you probably will enjoy some other restaurant like Shoya – Chinatown CBD, but this is the more affordable option for a large group of people. The green tea IS AMAZING though. It’s made fresh and it’s mixed with a combination of rice tea I believe.

Momoco Sushi on Urbanspoon


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