NOTD – Galaxy Nails

nails (1) nails (2) nails (3) nails (4)Hilda  & I with our ‘Galaxy’ nails.

You can find all sorts of different galaxy designs all over the net (pretty much where we got our inspiration from!)and none will be exactly the same. I hope you guys like ours! It was so fun and SO time consuming, but when you have someone else keeping you company time goes by so much faster :)

Many people tend to start off with a black coat but we used a dark blue base instead. We used a whole heap of different colours – silver, purple, pink, glitter & light blue – but it’s really up to you what colours you choose because it’s all dependent on what look you want to go for. I’m quite tempted to do a ‘strawberry shortcake’ version with shades of pink and white ;p

We used a facial sponge to create the cloudy effect and you can also use a dotting tool or a toothpick to print on the stars.



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