Filli’s Cafe

Catching up with my close friends is always a bonus! We don’t usually get to go out for breakfast or brunch so we were really excited to try out Aura Cafe together (I’ve actually been to this place a few times and it’s been great every time so I really wanted to take these girlies there!!) but sadly it was closed:( Therefore we hopped onto Urbanspoon and found ‘Filli’s Cafe‘ closeby and decided to check it out.

The whole time we were there it was very quiet but the staff were polite and friendly. The downside was that it took a long time for food and coffee to be served. I’m not sure how they function during peak hour or during their busy seasons.. (Maybe they hire more people…) It was  quite a big let down for us because there was only one other group of people in the cafe, so it wasn’t as if they had a lot of people to cater to.

filli1Friend who works at a cafe said it was good! :)

The prices were quite reasonable averaging from $12-16 compared to other cafes (e.g. in the CBD)

filli (1)Friend’s ‘Eggs Florentine’ $11.90**(approx) Spinach, Toasted Bread & Eggs with hollandaise sauce  

Heaps of Spinach! Both eggs were also runny which gives it the heads up. I think it would have been much nicer and ‘professional’ if the bread had been toasted for a bit longer, or even if it had been sour dough.  I think it does imply the standard of this cafe though and probaby reflective upon the price.

filli (3)Potato Hash $12.90 (Poached Eggs, Mushrooms, Spiced Tomatoes, Spinach and Potato bed underneath)

My other friend & I both ordered the potato hash which was nice.I love mushrooms and they were coated with butter. The potato was very tasty so overall I was quite happy with the meal.

This cafe is not a fancy place (visually unappealing ) but the food I tried was fine. From my experience there, they do need to be faster with their cooking times and be slightly more welcoming as a customer enters the place (it was a little awkward when we walked in because they didn’t say hi to us or motion to be seated) (but in saying that, perhaps it was just us since I did see them wave and smile at other customers – so hopefully it was a once off thing!)

To be honest,  even though I enjoyed my time there, first impressions do make a big difference. I don’t think I’ll go back just because there are other places I’d rather try out. It’s quite average and  I’d only go back IF I worked around the area  and it was convenient.

Filli's Cafe on Urbanspoon


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