Happy 2014

mics Hi lovelies! To celebrate the end of 2013 instead of going to see fireworks we decided to call it a girlies night and catch up, snack on lollies, play board games and have fun enjoying each other’s company! I feel so extremely blessed for these girls because during 2013 we have gotten so much closer. They’ve all been so supportive and admirable people that I look up to. I am so blessed to have met these girls and know that we will have many more awesome memories together in the future ^^ny (1) Isabelle’s pretty cute minnie mouse socks and new ‘Cut the Rope’ soft toy! SO CUTE and SOFFTTT!ny (6) Some of our totes healthy snacks ;) We had ‘Agrum’ and Faye made the best brownies ever! From scratch! Her own recipe too!ny (7)One of the board games we played was ‘Apples to Apples’ (courtesy of my bf!^^) It’s a great game to play because it’s so creative and random at the same time. It’s a good way to get everyone involved and fun to play with people you don’t know very well too. ny (5)Basically what happens is that you have green and red cards. Everyone is meant to have 7 red cards in their hand at all times. There are rounds and each round one person is the ‘judge’ who picks up a green card and reveals it to everyone else playing. The green card is generally an adjective, then everyone else chooses ONE red card from their hand they think describes the green card the best :) How to win (depending on the number of players) is by getting your red card chosen by the judge. The first player to have a specific amount of green cards wins! It’s pretty fun because it helps you to get to know someone better based off the type of answers they like – for example do they tend to choose the more literal descriptive red card, do they like more abstract meanings?

Like in the above picture…The green card was ‘Horrifying’ and those 5 red cards above are the ones people put down. A more abstract meaning could be sugar (someone could argue that if you eat too much sugar then your teeth will fall out which would be horrifying!) The winner for that round was…’Running out of toilet paper’ Hahaa!! Anyway FUN STUFF!! More instructions of how to play online I’m sure!ny (8)And of course heaps of fun with DISNEY PIXAR MONOPOLY <3 I was definitely losing tho LOL.

Apart from all fun and games… I hope you guys have a nice new years eve! I’m interested in what you guys were up to! We shouldn’t be restricted purely by time if we want to make some changes in life. As long as we can do it, we should do it straight away instead of delaying it or putting it off. This is something I struggle with because I procrastinate so much :( I think the end of the year sparks some thought or reflection and that’s why we start making goals – or that because it’s a new year, it’s time for a fresh start. I’m not the most eloquent of speakers but what I’m trying to say is that it’s 2014!! If you have something you want to change, please go out and do it!! Be productive with your time and I wish you all the best :) Happy New Year, I hope it will be a wonderful and fruitful year! And for myself? I hope I can keep growing, learning and becoming a better person :)



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