G2 Korean BBQ // Melbourne

IMG_5860Today my bf & I went to G2 Korean BBQ. We had a bit of a fail experience finding the place so when we finally found it we were relieved to see it was quite post modern – very clean and overall looked quite nice in presentation. I like the chalk decor on the walls and their wine rack adds sophistication.

The service was OK. They weren’t particularly friendly, just quite passive and quiet towards us.

g2 (4)  I really enjoyed my Beef Bulgogi Bibimbab – there was a lot of rice which made it quite filling. They had garlic and chilli sauce on the side which you self add to the dish. The rice they used was black rice as well. I also had this spicy Korean stew with lots of wombok in it (I love wombok!) Most of the Korean soups I’ve tried have been extremely spicy which I think is normal, but this one was only a little spicy so if you’re after something traditional this may not be the place to go. g2 (1)

Overall based on my bibimbab experience, I’d like to go back and try some of the other items on their lunch menu such as their soba noodles and their sizzling hot plates. The price is quite good ranging from about $11-$15.

Despite pretty average customer service, I had some great quality time and we both enjoyed the food together ^^ They were also playing the soundtrack from the recent drama ‘The Heirs’ which has been stuck in my head!!
G2 Korean BBQ on Urbanspoon


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