Food in Taiwan Pt.1

Taiwan is famous for it’s delicious foods, it’s friendly nature, the celebrities and generally shopping, shopping and shopping! Today I’m going to focus on food and share with you some of the goodies I’ve been tasting and enjoying ^-^

IMG_60671. I have to repeat this photo from my previous post! The Taiwan Jujube (the green apple-like fruit) and the water apple (red). They are famous popular fruits over in TW. They taste so sweet and are just simply delicious! My favourite is the water apple with it’s watermelon type texture (just definitely not as juicy – but more so that ‘fluffy’ type of texture). The jujube is more like the usual apple, but sweeter and less crunchy.oreoicecream2. Interesting flavoured versions of foods! Enough said with ice cream flavoured oreos! 49元foodtw3, Familymart @ TW, This is the place where you can get deals for combining certain drinks/foods. E.g. The sandwich is normally $35元 and the drink $20元, but combined it will total to 49元. Only worthwhile if you like the options though!Most of these places will also microwave food for you if you request it. The milk tea in this photo was already heated, quite nice but a bit too flowery for my liking (earl grey like).twpigsfeet4. Famous pig feet dish in a local restaurant. Yum with sweet garlic soy sauce – so fatty and tasty.IMG_85645. 7-Eleven MY FAVOURITE!!! I absolutely love how 7/Eleven is in Taiwan. It’s everywhere, it’s affordable and it has an incredible amount of different products. I’ll have to do another post about how awesome 7/11 is. I’ll definitely miss this. They offer hot food like hot dogs & boiled tea eggs but they also offer cold food like sushi, salad & sandwiches and so many different type of drinks, facial products (such as My Beauty Diary facial masks), snack food, bread, magazines and currently they’re doing a Hello Kitty Promotion to celebrates her 40th anniversary. You can collect super cute glasses when you spend over a certain amount or buy it outright =)IMG_8549IMG_8553

oysteromlette6. Often sold at night markets, Oyster Omelette’s are praised and loved in Taiwan, You can buy this almost anywhere, just be careful about how fresh the oysters are.brekky7. Breakfast in TW. Chinese doughnuts (油條You tiao) & Bings (similar to flatbread) is something I enjoy over here. I like it with Canton rice porrige, while some enjoy it with soy milk.

Hope you enjoyed this! It’s only just a tiny glimpse of the foods in TW but hopefully I can share some more with  you later :)


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