Miss you Taiwan!!

You know when you’re going through your phone gallery and there’s like 2000 photos to scroll through? Yeah, that’s me :P I decided to be PROACTIVE and transfer them onto my computer and just so happened to scroll through a TON of photos from Taiwan!  It was sad to leave but of course I have to face the reality of my life and go back home. Looking through the photos is making me feel quite sad and nostalgic though. I’m missing my relatives and  being together in one place.

Here are some other random things I miss! (These pics are all taken by my phone)

My grandmother’s cooking! I love her ‘signature’ dish – Herbal Noodle soup with chicken (well it’s probably not  her signature dish since she cooks so many different great dishes! But this dish is the same dish my mom cooks at home and all throughout my childhood my mother always called this “Grandmother’s Noodles” so I never knew what this dish was actually called!tw
Miguu- My Uncle’s absolutely ADORAABLLEEE cat! I MISS HER!! I wish I could touch her! The way she responds is like she really is a human in a cat’s body… She’s one special  chubby cat because my uncle adopted her when she was alone.tw
Meiji Melty Kiss – Greentea chocolate. About one of the very few greentea products I found in Taiwan but it’s soso good! Slightly bitter too!

Love how the Taiwanese try to protect the community by having signs such as these. This is only ONE example but they have female queueing lines at their MRT’s too. This is a parking lot that has spots  specially for females between 10PM-6AM.tw
Milk Tea (and their cute packaging!) Taiwan milk tea generally only comes in two sizes – medium OR large for approximately $2-3AU. Incredible price  compared the the $5-6AU we pay + it tastes great!tw
Bread(top equivalent) – I particularly miss this one – it’s a pickled cabbage bread with sugared peanuts. Definitely not healthy  but it really does fit the Taiwanese tastebud. I love this type of snack!!!tw  
MRT( Public Transport) – This is my panda card (similar to MYKI) and no they don’t normally have ‘panda cards’ it’s just a special promotion for Taipei Zoo. Transport however is so convenient in TW because they run services so frequently. It’s also  quite organized and helpful for tourists too as there is generally always  an attendant standing at the waiting lines at each station.tw
Cold noodles + the simplicity of market food (and it still tastes great!) I love how they can pack takeaway food  quick and easy into a plastic bag and how it’s considered normal. tw
Za Cosmetics  + Cosmetics – They have a lot of brands I can’t easily get in Australia! It was fun to buy some and try new brands out.
Vending Machines – In Australia vending machines are generally the most expensive options for a drink because they TEND to take advantage of the fact that a consumer needs a drink now and isn’t going to go some place else fora cheaper drink… HOWEVER in Taiwan, they sell drinks in vending machines the same as everywhere else! So it’s still cheap :) Even coke  prices in the airport isn’t raised!tw
Pudding- Every time I go to Taiwan I always have this,  It’s such a good cheap dessert from 7/11 and brings back good memories!tw
Quirky  things in  Taiwan – This umbrella lock! The perfect place to keep your umbrella safely locked so you don’t have to carry it around with you!I thought this was hilarious.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did! Please link me your posts or share with me what are some of your favourite loves about this place or even other places  such as your own hometown!  Love to know :) xx


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