Disney’s Frozen Sing-a-long Moonlight Cinemas Experience

Last night I had the opportunity to go to my first ever ‘Moonlight Cinema’s‘ screening! It was a special screening for Disney’s ‘Frozen‘ and it was also the SING-A-LONG version! frozenNormally  an adult ticket is around $18 but they were having a special for $9 which was awesome!! There was also a dress up going on and some really talented people with creative outfits! I just came in my snow flake jumper and a blue dress!Poster
It was a pretty fun experience! And about an hour in we got interrupted by unexpected FIREWORKS! So crazy right? Of all nights! It just made the experience even more special.

What was fun? Being with friends and being able to comment on things happening on screen and also mostly having a ‘picnic’ styled ‘date’ whilst watching a movie. It’s a more relaxed atmosphere and also very spacious if you bring a long big picnic rug! I’d recommend bringing pillows (since you’ll be sitting down on the ground for a while!) and your favourite snacks. A blanket would also come in handy since it’s at night and the breeze might effect you.Disney
The sing a long of Frozen was so cute, people really did sing  to the songs in Frozen (the lyrics popped up on screen).

I think the Moonlight cinemas is a fun experience and it’s nice to try out sometime. I suppose it depends on the movie because I assume some nights will be busier than others, but we went on a night with great weather and a great family friendly atmosphere, I do think that the normal $18 is quite pricey  (depending on how early/late you arrive because you may not have a good view of the screen, or if you’re further away you may not hear very well!) compared to the normal cinema screening in say Hoyts or Village.You definitely won’t get good  sound  (not sure if it was just us last night but the speakers were actually surprisingly so soft) and of course comfort won’t be as good as comfy cushioned seats (unless you bring it along with you),

BUT it is definitely a fun environment and suitable for a large group of friends if you just want to kick back and relax. I’d recommend arriving early to find good parking and a good spot on the oval area.

Also! Currently, Moonlight cinemas do a special offer on Thursdays for $12 tickets! :) And as for Frozen? (My second time seeing it) I liked it even more!


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