Luxbite // South Yarra

Luxbite Date!  As soon as I found out Luxbite was serving up green tea cheesecake I just couldn’t wait to try it! I actually recently made a very simple green tea cheesecake myself  and was really curious to see what Luxbite had come up with. This is my second visit to Luxbite, (the first time I went was for lunch and dessert), however this time it was just for cake! luxbite (2) Green tea Cheesecake Opéra style cake: Green tea Joconde, Japanese rice wine, pistachio ganache, cream cheese, salted green tea crumble
Can you see those epic layers?! I really enjoyed their green tea cheesecake because the layers together was such a good match. I tried each layer individually and I love their cake base (the sponge?).  The crumble didn’t have much salted green tea flavour to it, but you can definitely taste the green ta jaconde.  It’s the perfect level of sweetness for me and I would come back for a second! (If I had more money though :P it is pretty pricey!) luxbite (1) ‘Black is the New Gold’- black tea chocolate mousse/blackberrycreme/chocolate glaze luxbite (3)Overall, I had a great experience at Luxbite but really only due to the yummy tasting deserts and each other’s company.  It would have been nice if we were acknowledged when we walked in because it did feel slightly awkward not knowing if we should go straight to the counter and choose what we wanted since we weren’t given a menu. In the end we walked up to the counter and got menus ourselves. We definitely didn’t get much service today or acknowledgement today, but it was quiet and we didn’t have much of a need to get waited on except when ordering and receiving our desserts. They give you a huge water jug so there’s not really any particular reason to bother the staff – unless you’re just wanting to chat I guess!
I wish they had a guest bathroom but unfortunately they don’t. They do suggest a nearby bathroom block which is located in a neighbouring park so no need to worry if you do need to go! It is a very relaxed environment though so you could probably stay for hours without feeling the need to leave.

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