Grand Taipei Bakery // Box Hill

I love how authentic Grand Taipei Bakery is! It is a small and humble shop but the food is delicious and the prices are very reasonable. With competition around the corner such as Food Republik, they manage very well! Even though their menu is definitely limited, I would still prefer to come here for Taiwanese food because it has bigger portions and the flavours taste closer to the (4) Beef Noodle Soup // $8
Their noodle soup has a really generous serving size (I shared this dish!) they filled the soup to the top of the bowl! I love the flavour of the soup and the pickled cabbage. Wow – they gave us SO much pickled cabbage – it can’t be good for you BUT it tastes so yummy!! The flavour of the soup is really strong in beef stock and is more salty than it is sweet,tw (3)Taiwanese Egg Roll
This is a ‘small eat’ which is similar to the simple street foods you can get in TW. I love this one it’s SO simple but really tasty and soft.

tw (1)
They also have soya milk (warm or hot) options at the bakery. You can even buy a bottle/jug of it to take home (sugar or no sugar options) to store in the fridge. I think it’s pretty funny how they serve the hot soya milk in a bowl like soup! And of course since it’s called a bakery, they also sell heaps of different types of breads at the front of the store + cake! tw (2)
I definitely recommend this place. It has a very friendly environment and the food is delicious. Unfortunately it’s quite small so it probably won’t fit large groups of people and if you don’t speak Chinese it may be a little difficult to get good service from them (they do have English on everything which is good).

Grand Taipei Bakery on Urbanspoon


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