Your Thai Rice and Noodle Bar // Melbourne

THai (3)
‘Your Thai Rice and Noodle Bar’ is a very convenient place to dine (along Swanston Street near QV & Melbourne Central) where meals generally cost less than $10. I’ve been here a number of times and always tend to stick to my usual – their Pad Thai. I’m not so sure about their other dishes though. Perhaps ‘Your Thai Rice and Noodle Bar’ are more well known for certain dishes and I’d say maybe it’s best to stick with those ones. They have a huge variety on their menu including entrées, mains, ice kachang and plenty of drinks.THai (2)
Pad Thai with Chicken // $9.8
I seriously love their Pad Thai and it’s never disappointed me! It normally comes with lemon though so it was sad that it didn’t come out this time. Their Pad Thai has a beef/chicken or seafood option. I got the chicken option today. It’s the right portion for me when I’m really hungry and I enjoy the chilli flakes and crushed nuts mixed together. The bean sprout makes it taste slightly healthier and more refreshing (less oily!)THai (1)
Sweet chicken rice // $9.8
This is my friend’s dish! Not so sure how it tasted but it was a let down – he seemed quite disappointed. He said there was more veggies than meat and it was definitely a smaller portion compared to the Pad Thai. I guess this affirms my instincts of ordering recommended dishes!

Your Thai Rice and Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon

Overall I like this place. I always manage to get good service and I’ll probably only come here when I feel like Pad Thai :P I have had their salads before which were tasty but not filling – they’re definitely more like an entrée. In terms of drinks, it is a good idea to tell the waiter how much sugar you want because their drinks tend be really sweet! (..Otherwise I probably would skip out on a drink)



3 thoughts on “Your Thai Rice and Noodle Bar // Melbourne”

    1. Perhaps I’ve just gotten really lucky! The times I’ve been the waiters have been friendly and I usually just get their Pad Thai – bit weary to try other dishes out unless some recommends it! It’s a shame you and others didn’t have a good experience, sounds like they need to work on their inconsistency then :( Thanks for your comment!

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