Red Cup Cafe // Box Hill

Red Cup Cafe has a lively and busy atmosphere. I received very nice service from the waiters and the food came out promptly (considering there was 8 of us!) but really the food is so overpriced for brunch.  Don’t get me wrong – the food tastes good, but in comparison to other brunch places I am so sure Red Cup Cafe can afford to charge their meals for a cheaper price. (Or it’s that they know they’ll definitely customers who are willing to pay and settle with that. – Kind of disappointing mentality though so I hope I’m wrong.) Most breakfast items average to be about $18, with coffee at $4.5. (Excluding the city most places I’ve been to for brunch would average to $14-16 for the usual Eggs Benedict/Florentine). Any additional sides cost $4. It’s not as though this place was more classier than other brunch places and it’s not as though they have a great rating on Urbanspoon either.

Nevertheless, it was a special occasion and I enjoyed my time there. Good company always makes it worth it :) I just wouldn’t go to Red Cup Cafe regularly especially as there are other places that serve similar things (e.g. Eggs Benedict) for a much cheaper price. I would be happier to pay the price if there was something different to explain why their food costs more than majority of brunch places selling very similar things. YET it’s still booming with customers! I thought that was interesting.

Here are some of the items we ordered :)
redcp (1)
MojoRojo// Smashed Avocado, Poached Eggs, Capsicum Sauce
Tasty and filling! This was my dish. The avo was really ripe, a lot of it mushed together and it had a strong lime taste, but put together with their eggs and capsicum sauce and it tasted good.
redcp (2)
Kids Pancakes // $5
They had an extra order by accident so I got to try their kid’s pancakes! It was SO good, seriously. They don’t have an adults version of this, but I’d recommend it if there was. I love the sauce. It’s sweet, caramel-like and buttery.
redcp (3)
Pancakes // Cream and Berry
redcp (4)
Baked Eggsredcp (5)
Eggs Benedict // Smoked Salmon, Spinach
redcp (6)
Eggs your way // Sunny side up, toast and baked beans

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