Green tea ice cream

Hi friends!
Here is a super quick review about this GREENTEA icecream stick I tried! You can probably get this at a range of different Asian marts (I got this one in the city). The company brand is ‘I-MEI’ and they have a variety of different flavours e.g. Mung Bean, Milk Tea with Pearls, Red Bean etc.greentea (2)I absolutely love everything green tea so it was super exciting to find this ice cream for less than $2! If you get green tea ice cream for dessert in Australia it’s generally quite expensive but I can slightly see why… You’re probably paying more for the quality and matcha powder is generally pricey.

This green tea ice cream stick was slightly fake tasting.  It has the faint taste of green tea but the texture is slightly strange. It tastes more like milk than cream and after awhile (I now this sounds super weird, BUT SERIOUSLY) has a bit of an egg white taste. What I do like though is the red bean! It’s actually quite soft!

Please try this and let me know I’m not craaazyy.

Anyway, it’s not bad if you feel like something sweet and aren’t a green tea snob. If you’re happy to settle it’s a much cheaper alternative. If you’re the type to spend more money on quality, then I’d recommend trying the ‘Meiji’ brand – it’s about $4-$6 for a small-one-person/serve-tub – but it’s definitely much creamier.

greentea (1)

Another thing I’d like to add is that if you’re  a green tea lover fishing for cheaper green tea alternatives – how about a try at Rice Workshop?(Melbourne’s Emporium/Chinatown/Northland) They serve $2 greentea soft serves! It has a very icy texture, but generous with it’s serving size. It’s really nice on a hot summer day but it’s definitely not very creamy. I probably prefer Rice Workshop’s green tea cone over the I-Mei icecream though!



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