Manchester Press (Revisit 2013 vs 2014)

The first time I went to Manchester Press I didn’t blog  about so I thought I’d resurface the pictures since the menu is different now! Both times I’ve enjoyed my experience, however I liked what was on the menu better last year mostly because they still had baked eggs :P

Manchester Press tends to have ‘colder’ foods out such as bagels and salads which provides the benefits of fresher tasting food. This also means that the cooking/serving time is much faster which is good because Manchester Press has a great influx of customers coming in and out. They don’t take bookings either so you’ll probably find yourself waiting outside for approx 10 minutes. When you arrive you need to tell a waiter so they can write your name in chalk as part of the waiting list. Price ranges from approx $13-$16

2014Manchester (4)
Salmon Bagel (Salad, Crème Cheese, Capers-optional, Lemon) $14?
This was delicious – they are super generous with the amount of salmon they give out  which is definitely more than expected/necessary- but totally wonderful if you’re a salmon lover.I love salad as well so this was great for me.  Manchester (1)Beautifully presented coffee that tasted good too.

Keep in mind that the menu has changed so these items are not available anymore.
Manchester (2) Smoked Salmon Salad Approx $15-16
I remember I was really pleased when this dish came out. Salads aren’t generally that big, but this was a generous serving size – it came out in this massive bowl! The salmon was a fillet and it tasted really nice with the salad together. Great simple combo.
They still do salads at Manchester Press now, but the flavours and combinations are slightly different  (more adventurous in my opinion).Manchester (3)
Baked Eggs
My friend’s dish so not entirely sure how it tasted, but it LOOKS GOOD and hearty! You get bagels too.Manchester (5)

Manchester Press is definitely one of the cheaper brunch/breakfast options in the Melbourne CBD.

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