Dobinsons Bakery Cafe // Canberra

cbrThere are so many good looking/sounding menu options at Dobinsons Bakery Cafe in Canberra. I love the overall design/look of the place too. It has a modern rustic look with the brick wall with meals served on breadboards.cbr When I entered the cafe, I was greeted by a friendly staff member who took down my order. You need to order and pay upfront at the counter and then are given a number stand to take with you. The counter is also where the bakery section of the store is. They have plenty of delicious looking desserts and bread available there. I however, was only there for a nice lunch! I heard good things about their fish and chips so I decided to order the grilled baramundi.cbr Barra Burger//  Served with chips and salad, sauce in the burger is mayonnaise.cbr

Grilled Barramundi //$13.95 Served with chips and salad
The burger and the grilled barramundi are very similar. The main difference is that one comes with a bun and the other comes with additional tartare sauce. The food tasted good to me and was quite filling. I loved the salad and dressing it came with it. Something about tomato, lettuce, onion and cucumber just go really well (almost like a salsa!). This dish overall is quite a simple one but the fish was cooked well and the chips had the right amount of seasoning for me.
cbrDobinsonscbrCool wallpaper.

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