Poachers Pantry, NSW (Gungahlin ACT) Canberra Visit

PP TT (1)Today’s post is about my recent visit to Poachers Pantry. Poachers Pantry began as a small family business and has now grown from a producer of gourmet smoked meats to include a Smokehouse Cafe, Wily Trout cool climate wine range, farm shop, cellar door and a rustic wedding location*.There is more information about their business on it’s website. This was a bit of a detour from central Canberra (approx 40 minutes drive) but definitely a great drive with nice views.PP TT (2)Poachers Pantry’s menu and website can be accessed through here: www.poacherspantry.com.au/menusPP TT (5)Pork cheeks braised in master stock with kimchi and cuttlefish (df) $34
It was so hard to choose what to order because their menu had so many different options and their speciality smoked plates. However, I ended up deciding on the pork cheeks because I had a glimpse of their smoked platter at Adore Tea (which was great) and thought I’d try something new instead.
The pork was cooked very nicely and had a soft chewy texture. I thought the combination of kimchi would taste a little strange but it was a surprisingly good combo. However the seasoning of the meat and the sauce was far too salty for the average person. I used the kim chi and rice to try and cut down on that saltiness but obviously there just wasn’t enough of that compared to the meat (which is meant to be the star of the dish anyway). It was quite disappointing but everything else tasted nice so it was just such a shame that the sauce let it down. PP TT (3)Moules frites with smoked garlic and herbed polenta chips (gf) $32PP TT (4)The mussels was great – very fresh and good flavour combination. The serving size may look a little big, but it’s perfect for one person and the polenta chips are a good change from your usual fried potato chips.  PP TT (6) Poachers Pantry also sells a wide extensive range of products such as a wine (including a free tasting – if you’d like to order wine for your meal). PP TT (7)
They sell jams, chutney, vinegar, smoked meats etc. PP TT (8)The outside of the cafe is also very beautiful. It’s really quite a breath of fresh air and beautiful plants.

I would definitely come back but I would probably just stick to their smoked platters because that’s what their highly well known for. I did have a really great time though, as I said everything else on my dish was great and I’m willing to give them a second chance. The staff were also very friendly and I received great service.

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