Mr Shabu Shabu // Canberra

Flashback to my recent visit in Canberra about Mr Shabu Shabu. I really enjoyed the food and my time there. My first impressions of the place was a good one because visually I thought the interior was very nice, simple and modern. Shabu (1) I ordered the beef set which was $14.80. It came with a hot pot of soup (in which you place your raw meats in to cook), seaweed salad, rice, enoki, a sesame peanut sauce, tea and an asian type of roll similar to a spring roll? You can order add on such as extra meat for about $7. Shabu (3)Now on to taste… Oh my, the broth tasted so nice! I could seriously keep drinking it (but it did get a lot more salty after adding the beef in). My negative comment would be that their choice of cutlery does make it a bit tricky to eat. I only wish they gave you a soup spoon AND a serving spoon instead of just the latter. I found it hard to drink the soup.Shabu (2)I love seaweed salad so I’m super happy with that, and the sauce was a great combo with everything else  Shabu (4)
I think MrShabu Shabu is a nice place to have a meal especially on a cold winter day in Canberra! I liked the overall atmosphere and the staff were friendly. I really enjoyed the food and I thought the price was very reasonable. It’s the closest thing to an Asian hot pot for a much cheaper price.

Mr Shabu Shabu on Urbanspoon


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