Moka Pot Cafe (Good Food, Iffy Service)

Moka Pot Cafe
They provide breakfast, lunch and drinks (breakfast till 2:30PM!)
I’ve been to Moka Pot Cafe a few times and each time the food has been quite good. It’s definitely more costly than Aura Cafe but the food is probably just a tad better here – however their service is not (Aura has top notch service, friendly staff members who greet you and check on you once in awhile). I have to say at Moka Pot Cafe it’s been highly disappointing. I really don’t know why because Moka Pot Cafe is generally quite busy and has pretty good reviews on Urbanspoon – it’s a visually appealing place and it just SEEMS like a friendly environment so I get drawn to wanting to go in (it does look inviting from the outside) but the last two times I’ve gone, I haven’t really been greeted at the door, instead slightly ignored. I will continue this line of thought at the end of my blog post since it’s quite long (Don’t read it if you don’t like rants!). For now, moving onto the GOOD stuff – the foooood!!! 

The last time I came here, I ordered the Egyptian Eggs ( poached eggs, dukkah, spiced pumpkin, caramelised onion, spinach + toasted Turkish pide) and it was SO good. I really enjoyed the combination and they were generous with the amount of pumpkin they gave (cubed pumpkin). The flavours and spices went well together. I remember I thought that it may not be filling without toast but it was just right. I was so tempted to try it again, but decided to go for their Health Kick (though they had this special mushroom dish which sounded pretty good).

moka3Health Kick $16.9 // poached eggs served w/ confit tomato, smashed avocado, spinach, tomato relish on multigrain toast)
Disappointing smashed avo (quite a thin mushy layer of it), but I loved the tomato relish combo with the poached eggs and spinach. (SERIOUSLY YUMMY RELISH!!) Overall a good dish and quite filling too. (Fills you up more than the Egyptian Eggs). I like the concept of the dish with smashed avo because at other cafes you usually only have the option to get smashed avo by itself or just with eggs.moka2Big Breakfast 19.9// choice of poached, fried or scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, hash brown, mushrooms, oven roasted tomato, spinach + toast
I didn’t order this dish (bf did) and it looked very yummy! Nothing too special about it though. The negatives is that bacon (a lot of the pieces were quite burnt), but those scrambled eggs and mushrooms look very nice! It was a pretty big serving as well. 

When there’s a lot of competition out there and the taste of the food is around the same (give or take good/bad days) what makes A LOT of difference is the service. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to my expectations (that feeling of being unwelcome isn’t a nice one, and yes I’m always mindful it could be a one off thing but it’s happened twice in a row already :/). Don’t worry it wasn’t so awful that I dislike the place, I’ll still come back (for those Egyptian Eggs – REALLY enjoyed it).

Moka Pot Cafe on Urbanspoon

*Rant continued*

Now I give some grace especially if a cafe is a busy one, but I still expect some common courtesy. I know this sounds like a rant (it probably is – but hey I want to explain why their service wasn’t that great and base it off an actual situation, rather than some broad statement with no justification- it’s not a ‘cheap’ cafe and I’d just expect their standard of service to better. Okok, now to give them some credit, there was ONE staff member who was very friendly and that DEFINITELY made up for the experience (this was when we were already seated and finished our meal) – he noticed us almost immediately as he was attending to the table next to us, didn’t ignore us, greeted us and took our plates and asked if we needed anything else – and he smiled. I don’t ask for much (I don’t think I do! – That’s pretty standard for them to ask right?). Anyway so what exactly happened to make me go on this speel? Right, I was saying that we weren’t greeted by the door. What makes this time worse is that they weren’t that busy (just less than half full) and the waitress glanced at us twice without a smile – she saw us then walked towards the menu/drinks area, so I thought ‘oh well that she didn’t smile, atleast she’s acknowledged us by grabbing us a menu’ but no she grabs something else (for another customer – which is totally fine – I get that there are other customers) but then looks back at us and STILL doesn’t smile and once she’s done, she still ignores us. We are also clearly waiting because we are literally the only ones who walked in and are standing there (NOT facing the counter). This just makes me feel awkward because she clearly just ignored us. If she’s busy (which I’m sure she is) she doesn’t have to serve us but at least acknowledge and signal for us to wait or get another staff member or something! :( Anyway, then another waiter came over and greeted us. He wasn’t super friendly, very business-like, but at least he said hi and at least he didn’t grunt at us so I’m cool. Ok so that was really long rant, I SO SO HOPE THAT NEXT TIME I GO THEY’LL BE MORE FRIENDLY!!!!!!! (But it’s not the first time this has happened!)

Thankfully their food makes up for it :)


3 thoughts on “Moka Pot Cafe (Good Food, Iffy Service)

  1. Hi Tiff,
    Thanks for taking the time to post your detailed review of Moka Pot Cafe. We value all feedback we receive, both in-house and online. We are sad to hear that your experience was less than perfect. We’ve taken on board your comments and we hope that the next time you visit us, you won’t be left disappointed.

    Dani and Dennis
    Owners – Moka Pot Cafe

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