Meatball & Wine Bar // Collingwood

In celebration of three birthdays, we decided to check out the infamous Meatball & Wine Bar down at Collingwood along Smith Street. There’s plenty of lively atmosphere here with loud music and low lighting. mbw (7)I’m not a huge fan of dark loud places (like many bars really) but their music choice was mainstream pop music that I enjoyed so it made it more bearable. After awhile I got used to it and realised we all just needed to talk louder.  Meatball & Wine Bar is a good place for couples, but definitely way too hard to have long extended conversations with larger groups of people (you just can’t hear everyone!). Most of us decided to go with ‘Meatballs & All option‘ (their speciality is meatballs after all) at $19 for meatballs + sauce + sotto palle. (On the website is says $21 but in person it was $19 – yay!) We ordered different combos and I got to have a bit of a bite to see the difference in options.mbw (2)
Meatballs & All – Beef Meatballs + Red Sauce + Home made Pasta //$19mbw (1)
Meatballs & All – Chicken Meatballs + Green Sauce + Creamy Polenta//$19mbw (3)
Meatballs Special (On the night) Seasonal Veg + a mix of Chicken and Duck (I think! – Can’t remember sorry – but looks yum right?)mbw (4)
Meatballs & All – Beef Meatballs + Green Sauce + Smashed potato (that’s right! #SMASHED)//$19mbw (5)
Cool candle marble art decorations on the tablesmbw (6)
From my experience the combination I would recommend (if you’re super indecisive like me and don’t really mind…) would be:
BEEF Meatballs + RED Sauce + Homemade Pasta

I thought the beef meatballs were the most flavoursome. The green sauce was interesting (slightly tangy) but wasn’t something I was  used to. It wasn’t very strong but had elements of fruity flavours in it. The red sauce was very flavoursome (like the beef) which is why I’d go with that combo. I found the other meatballs more savoury than sweet, also slightly more chewy (I had the chicken meatballs). I also ordered the polenta which was nice but the home-made pasta seems more worthwhile now (especially since it’s home-made!) The pasta options change depending on the day as well, likewise with the something veg option.

For those wondering if 3 meatballs can really be that filling… YES IT CAN BE! I was extremely full ( I believe it is from the carbs – if you ordered it with veg you may not be as full).

Service was also pretty good – we had an overall friendly, quirky and talkative waiter.

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