Balderdash Cafe // Port Melbourne

Balderdash Tanger (5)
It was time for another brunch adventure. This time we ventured out to Port Melbourne and thanks to my friend through good old urbanspoon she found Balderdash! The name really appealed to me because the game Balderdash is pretty fun so this place sounded quite intriguing. When we arrived we found the cafe right on the corner, it’s cosy,simple and nicely decorated with flowers. I could not remember the exact names of the dishes we ordered because the website menu is a little out of date but the overall concepts of the dishes are the same, they just alter the fillings or sauces slightly to the dish.Balderdash Tanger (3)
A flat tortilla with spicy refried beans, a house made salsa of avocado, tomato, red onion and topped with two free range fried eggs (Back by popular request) $16? (Friend’s dish)
My friend enjoyed her meal! She said she was pretty full after eating it and I imagine this dish has to be pretty good for it to be ‘back by request’. It looks fresh with the avocado salad and I personally love the zing onion brings to a dish.Balderdash Tanger (4)
Fritters made with corn, corn, zucchini & fire roasted peppers and served with avocado and goats cheese mash, chilli jam and a poached egg, $15.5 (My dish)
I on the other hand ordered the corn fritters. I was really looking forward to it because other reviewers have said it tasted good and I haven’t had much experience with corn fritters before. The menu said it was to come with chilli jam so I was a bit hesitant about the combination especially with avocado mash (it did sound a little strange) but I thought it was a perfect match. The rocket also tied the different foods together (I’m really happy there was rocket in this dish!). The chilli jam was not spicy, infact it really just tasted like tangy tomato relish. I wish there was more of it because it tasted so good. I was surprisingly quite full after eating this dish and I know I would happily come back and order this again. Balderdash Tanger (6)
Instead of salt and pepper shakers their salt and pepper comes in little round discs. The salt was really nice!Balderdash Tanger (1)
Overall I love the look of this cafe. It’s small, busy but cosy. The staff were quite friendly as they regularly checked up on us to see if we wanted any more drinks and they made sure we didn’t need to wait long to be served. The waiting time for the dish was about 15-20 minutes, but the corn fritters were very nice and I’d definitely recommend it.
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