TGI Fridays // Doncaster

It was exciting to check out the newly renovated TGI Fridays. Visually it’s very different – it seems like there’s more open space and less seating ‘sections’. We didn’t need to wait for long for a table after we arrived, and though we were assigned a waiter, we did end up getting served by 4 different people. I didn’t mind because all 4 people were friendly and greeted us politely each time. TGI Tanger (1)

TGI Fridays is a bit of an interesting one, many people complain about their service across the branches in Melbourne,but they also complain about how overpriced their food is. I’ve been to TGI Fridays numerous of times, but each time I’ve been given good service. The downside for me has been the waiting time, previously I’ve had to wait for about 40-50 minutes before anything comes out which can be frustrating if you’re hungry!

How about this time? I’m pleased to say I had a good experience. We had polite and quick service (they didn’t go out of their way to make small talk with us, but they were efficient). The food came out after about 20 minutes (the quickest I’ve ever been served at TGIs, and the restaurant looked quite full). We decided to get 4 dishes to share so we could all try a bit of each, like a sampler! (I was soooo full afterwards). The only ‘weirdish’ thing was that the kept forgetting to bring cutlery so we had to ask. For example, for the guacamole dips, it didn’t come with a spoon, and the steak didn’t come with any knives.

TGI Tanger (4)
Appetiser – Mac n Cheese Bites//$15.95
This was super crunchy! The sauce tasted similar to that rich tomato paste flavour you get in marinara. TGI Tanger (6)
Close up of these bites! I thought it was a pretty clever snack idea. Personally I’d prefer the Southwest Potato Twisters, it’s quite big, fun to share and more flavoursome. TGI Tanger (5)
Jack Daniel’s Sampler // $29.95 This includes, Jack Daniel glaze with Cajun battered shrimp, sesame chicken strips and a rack of baby back pork ribs.
This was absolutely delicious! I love the sauce. The shrimp tasted very succulent and fresh, the sesame chicken strips was really addictive and the shredded lettuce tasted great with it. The baby back pork ribs was nice too. I would have been quite happy to have this on my own and it definitely would have been very filling. TGI Tanger (7)
300g Scotch Fillet (your choice of one sauce and two sides) with red wine sauce, and two sides of chips to be served separately $34.95
The steak tasted really good, the sauce was alright – I ended up eating my steak with the Jack Daniel’s sweet sauce. I was surprised at how the steak tasted because I’ve read some mixed reviews so I must have gotten a good chef that night!TGI Tanger (8)
For anyone who wants to see what TGI Friday’s chips looks like! Not super crunchy but definitely not flat. TGI Fridays has tomato sauce on the table so I just used that. The chips aren’t seasoned very much.TGI Tanger (9)
Chicken Quesadilla served with cream, fresh salsa and guacamole // $21.95
I’ve had this before at Forest Hill and thought it tasted nicer then. This time, I felt that it was more bland, and the guacamole, cream, salsa combo wasn’t as great. I’m not sure why, I think it’s because this time they were just easily mixed and just became slushy like. I think it would be better if they served the fresh salsa, cream and guacamole on separate small dishes, or sauce plates.

If you come to TGI Fridays, you know it’s not going to be cheap – I’m not sure if it’s really that ‘worth it’ because some menu items are definitely overpriced, but I don’t think TGI Fridays will ever change their menu to go down to a cheaper price. You don’t just go there for the food, but the atmosphere and the convenience. Out of all the menu items I’ve tried (this time, but also previously), I’d say their red meat is probably the better choice. Additional comments would be that I really enjoyed the Jack Daniel’s platter and I’d prefer to get that than the steak. Mostly because it offers variety and you can get a nice steak for $34.95 at a more fine dining place – I’d probably rather spend the same amount somewhere else.

Nice service :)
Happy with the food :)
Clean appearance :)

TGI Tanger (3)

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