‘Eggs Your Way’ @ Melissa Cakes Cafe Bar // Templestowe

I labelled this post ‘Eggs Your Way’  as this post features different combinations of eggs your way at Melissa Cakes Cafe Bar!MCCB - TT (1) This place is quite large and suitable for both small and big groups. The staff weren’t overly friendly – quite normal – but did give us different instructions, e.g. one of the staff told us to sit in a spot that was already reserved for someone else so we had to move and we weren’t really assisted to a suitable location (just a DIY). Every restaurant has it’s own culture so I felt like this cafe was nice but a more reserved place, not a ‘homely’ cosy type of atmosphere (if you’re not a local?). Unfortunately I didn’t grab a photo of their full menu but from the top of memory, Melissa Cakes Cafe Bar has an extensive menu (not including their speciality cakes and small delights at the front of the store). They offer breakfast, brunch, lunch and small appetisers for an affordable price. 

MCCB - TT (2) Some of the menu items that I was really drawn to included the Melissa’s Burger speciality, the corn fritters, their pastas – especially the vegetarian roasted vegetables one, and their marinara.MCCB - TT (3) Friend’s Caramel Banana Pancake dish! She said it was extremely sweet so I’m thinking this dish is probably for those with a sweet tooth. It looks nice though, so if you like banana, nuts, ice cream and caramel then this would be perfect combination for you. So… now it’s time to show off the ‘EGGS YOUR WAY’ versions! It’s approximately $7.50 for 2 eggs and a piece of toast (which is quite a reasonable price, a lot of cafes tend to charge more). MCCB - TT (4) 1. Scrambled Eggs + Added Smoked Salmon ($3.00) This was what I ordered! I guess we weren’t super hungry to order a bigger breakfast meal (probably because I had eaten a small breakfast a couple of hours before this hahah!) I actually never order scrambled eggs when I eat out (it’s usually always poached eggs) but I got inspired by a recent road trip I went on where I had some pretty nice pure scrambled eggs (since I do the non traditional thing and mix a bunch of things with my eggs). Anyways! I just felt like something different and wanted to see what cafe scrambled eggs would be like. I found it to be quite soft with quite a lot of moisture (yay) but the downside was that unfortunately it was quite bland. I’m glad I had smoked salmon with it (I was craving some SS) but I think they weren’t very generous with the smoked salmon portion. I added quite a lot of pepper and salt to the eggs and then it tasted pretty good altogether :)MCCB - TT (5)
2. 2 Poached Eggs + Added Field Mushrooms + Spinach ($2.50? each – I think…haha sorry – but it’s around that price!) After seeing these shrooms I wished I had ordered some! Looks delicious!MCCB - TT (7)
3. 2 Poached Eggs + Added Baked Beans ($2.50?) I think these baked beans may have been homemade?! They tasted pretty good and definitely not your typical Heinz canned baked beans!MCCB - TT (6)
And… here’s what you get when you ask for extra bacon, I took a photo so you could see the portion they give (I think it’s an extra $2.50). It’s a shame the aren’t reviewed higher but reading from other reviews I think it’s mostly judged on the waiting time and their service. I didn’t receive bad customer service even though it was quite average it was not under average. What I really like about this Cafe is that it is quite suitable for a lot of different occasions such as a casual catch up, a date, a work meal etc. I like how it’s spacious and how it has such a variety of menu items that is suitable for different parts of the day. I think it would be nice to try out their pastries and desserts with a nice cup of hot chocolate in the winter. I don’t feel like I can really judge their food based on this one experience – it was pretty normal – but then again eggs your way is generally quite normal :P The menu does definitely appeal though so I’d like to come back again! Apart from the cafe, it was a pretty good day! I had the opportunity to catch up with some pretty awesome ladies and practised some Frisbee skills that I didn’t even know I had! I’ve always been scared of Frisbee’s actually (just tried to hide my fear) but I was surprised that catching it wasn’t as painful and scary as I thought and it was quite fun. Throwing it and aiming was much harder for me but I want to do it again :D

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