My Papparich Life

I have been to Papparich countless times BUT I’ve never done a blog post about it so I thought I’d finally do one XD I’ve tried Papparich in the city, the one in Nunawading, Glen Waverley and Doncaster. I’ll tell you what I think the differences are between them at the end of my post.

Papparich is a Malaysian restaurant with all their main dishes at the standard price of $11.90. They have a wide selection of drinks both fruity, milk based or coffees. They also have snack dishes such as fried chicken skin, eggs, satay sticks etc for varied prices. I’ve never tried it before but Papparich also sell yum cha small eats (quite costly though).  It’s all the same in all the franchises. Note: You come to Papparich for the FOOD, not for the service. When you arrive you’re given a menu and at your table there is a sheet of paper where you write your order down. Then you click a button and a waiter will come to you to get your paper. It’s pretty much self service but the food comes out VERY quickly – usually it takes longer to decide what to eat then to wait for your food! (I’ve waited less than 5 minutes on average). Now it’s time for the foood!  (Please excuse the bad quality phone pictures at the end+ a bit of my sloppy writing today – speed writing this post up!) Prich TT (1) Drinks! Hm sorry I have to say I didn’t like ANY of these. The soya milk one had some extra flavours in that tasted super artificial – nothing like the soy milk drinks I’ve had from Asian groceries (OR overseas – so I was pretty disappointed). The other two also tasted very artificial and sweet – but it didn’t taste sugary sweet, more so artificial sweetener type of sweet. I’m not sure if all their drinks are like this but I’ve been put off by them (plus they’re about $5-8 which I don’t think is really worth it.) I thought it would be nice to try and have on more special type of occasions, but I would RECOMMEND their teh tarik type of drinks – the milk based ones with TEA. Not their fruit based drinks – it doesn’t taste fresh, more like syrup based flavours. Prich TT (12) Curry Laksa Really delicious. I like the soup base and they stuff so many things inside the bowl (the roasted egg plant is really good and I don’t normally like egg plant!).  It’s not that spicy and it has the coconut flavour. Over the years the soup base has definitely improved. I actually didn’t like the Laska when I first tried it a few years ago because I found it quite bland and it wasn’t sweet at all. Now it’s a lot more flavoursome!Prich TT (13) Char Kuay Teow If you’re not a fan of spice, I would probably recommend you telling them no chilli. This wasn’t my dish but thought I’d show you what it looks like! Now for the not so good photos… :P

Prich TT (8) Ipoh Noodle Soup + Chicken This is one of my regular choices because I just really like the idea of an extra plate of chicken hahaha (without having to order the chicken rice). The chicken is generally quite succulent and soft; you just need to remember to eat it pretty quickly otherwise it gets cold. The noodle soup isn’t spicy but if you keep mixing the chilli in then it will get spicy. The soup is quite sweet but I like it. Prich TT (3) Chicken Rice + Soup I find this to be a really popular choice especially for those who don’t like spicy food. I think it’s pretty good, the chilli and soy isn’t your sauce but I’ve gotten used to it. I really like the whole bean sprouts addition to the dish – probably because I really like bean sprouts haha!Prich TT (10) Here is an example of their roti! The sambal is nice but SO SPICY! You can order different combinations of the roti (with egg, with meat etc) but this is the plain simple one that comes with 3 sauces.Prich TT (9) Ice Kachang (approx $7) Sorry again but I don’t recommend this – I’m not sure about you but this ice kachang is so different to what I’ve had in other places and I’d rather go to Dessert story for a bigger portion and share a shaved ice dish. It’s quite small – the ice flavours are nice but… I don’t like how there are sultanas in the dessert.  (A very untraditional rendition in my opinion!)Prich TT (11) If you are to order a drink then this is the drink I WOULD recommend. Milk based tea is good! Ice lemon tea was pretty good too :PPrich TT (14)This is an example of their congee. I haven’t tried it before but looks nice :P In general in congees, I generally always prefer congee that has some century egg! I think it makes the taste more unique.  Prich TT (2) Soy ‘curry’ egg noodles + veg + chicken Sorry I know there’s a proper name for this – probably dry egg curry noodles (lols) but this is also one of my regular choices! I find it really delicious. The consistency of the vegetables varies A LOT though! I find them to be more generous at Doncaster than Glen (but that was a once off choice so who knows). I just love egg noodles because I rarely get a chance to eat it (and again, I’m always tempting by an extra plate of chicken on the side). Papparich Doncaster on Urbanspoon Personally I find all the Papparich stores to be VERY similar (though the price of extra noodles may be a little different). The main difference is the size and the environment. Doncaster is really quite big which helps with group settings. I find the Nunawading to be prettier on the inside and more intimate because they have high seats that are similar to pancake parlour (there’s also TVS not that it really matters- lols). The city one is also more intimate because it’s smaller so it just feels a little more personal. I think Doncaster has the quickest serving times and probably the easiest place out of all them to park. Glen is pretty crowded but I’ve only been there once! Please excuse my writing in this post – I know it’s not the best, but I’ll try and fix it up another time! Hope you enjoyed my post on Papparich! :) And… if I’ve made any assumptions that are ignorant (like the ice ka chang being untraditional, I’m sorry – I am no expert so let me know! :I I’ll double check my facts again!) In the end… for a quick eat and some nice flavours Papparich is a good place to go to! They don’t quick or rush you out and you can stay for dessert or order drinks after your meal. You don’t pay for great quality service (though they’ve never been rude to me before) and it’s not particularly fancy but I’m pretty content with that for something so quick and easy.


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