“Impossible/Possible List”

tangertalksI’ve decided to give this ‘Impossible List’ as inspired by Mishyymoo a go! The original ‘The Impossible List*’ comes from Joel Runyon who says that The impossible list is that* challenge. This list of impossible things contains all the things I ever thought I couldn’t do because it was “impossible.”

I’ve decided to do a SLIGHTLY different take and incorporate some general goals of mine into the list as well. I’ll probably add/edit/cross of and work on this list throughout the year/my life (haha – probably life – I think it’ll be awhile before I even begin to attempt some!)

For now I’m making some basic categories to help me organise my goals better. Sometimes I struggle with motivation in life or I feel lost as to what I actually want to do with my free time and all the options that are ever so present around me. A lot of the times I feel like I know what I should do but whether I want to do it is a different story. Sometimes we all need something that just interests us. The concept of ‘fun’ has been a difficult one for me (thinking about the limited time we have on life and what God’s purpose is for my life). Hm. Even thinking about it now is something hard for me to put into words! Anyway I just wanted to have it written down for myself so I can remember these things that I thought would be pretty cool to achieve in life but never really put in the effort to achieve or thought I would actually see come into fruition! Majority are things that I actually would like to experience and chase – I just need to go and do it!

Achievements to unlock

  • Reach top 50 Urbanspoon bloggers in Melbourne
  • Have 100 subscribers to my TangerTalks blog
  • Read the whole Bible AND actually be able to briefly explain what each book in the Bible is about (basically I want to RETAIN the information).
  • Have my own ABN
  • Have my own website with a ‘.com.au’ domain by 2016


  • Participate in a charitable sport event such as Spartan + Mother’s Day Fun Run
  • Volunteer at Mother’s Day Fun Run with my Mom
  • Join a gym and go to the gym 3 times a week (includes fitness classes)
  • Run for 15 minutes 2 times a week
  • Do a full Pilates work out once a week

The Great Commission

  • To not skip LG for the reason that I am either ‘too tired’ or ‘don’t feel like it today’ or ‘not in the mood’ because I know that’s going to be one of the biggest temptations I will face for 2015
  • Make surprise visits :) *pick me ups and encouraging others **
  • To pray WITH those around me on a regular basis**
  • Complete my Old Testament Bible Plan in less than 2 years
  • Complete my New Testament Plan in less than 3 months (by May)
  • Go on a mission trip within Australia
  • Go on a mission trip overseas


  • Visit Sydney (Not really an impossible task, just something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile!)
  • Drive around Australia from state to state (probably after I get married – something to do with future hubby).
  • Food blog Canberra
  • Visit Korea/England/Canada and do a tourism section/blog/videos about the trip
  • See the Northern Lights
  • See Waiotapu, NZ
  • Climb the Great Wall of China
  • Visit the top of Taipei 101
  • Visit the Grand Canyon
  • Visit Antarctica (Crazy)
  • Go to Disney Land in the USA
  • Go inside a real life submarine

Events to Attend

  • Visit Camberwell Market
  • Try out the Escape room
  • Visit the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival
  • Tour Open House Melbourne
  • Australian Open Fourth Round, Wimbledon, Roland Garros, US Open lol


  • Disable whatsapp for two weeks (I know two week seems short… but at this rate it seems like any longer may become impractical with the responsibilities I have!)
  • Only use mobile to receive texts and make calls (NO TEXTING) for a week (we all text so much, it’s hard to hear people’s voices anymore) *I feel like I need a bigger phone plan to do this though.
  • Finish reading ‘Every Good Endeavour’ by Timothy Keller, ‘Crazy Love’ by Francis Chan, ‘Basic Christianity’ by John Stott, ‘The Best Yes’ & ‘Boundaries by Cloud & Townsend’ by the end of 2015.


  • Produce 20 blog posts in 2015 (That’s like at least 2 per month).
  • Participate at a craft fair by having my own stand selling my own line of design products
  • Design my own clothes with my sewing machine; more specifically make at least a dress, t-shirt and pants that I would actually wear myself before attempting to force people to wear things that aren’t actually good lols
  • Create a set of polymer necklaces
  • Photograph a wedding/engagement shoot
  • Film some fun youtube tags :)


  • Create my own Facebook Page to display my photography work
  • Officially publish and print off my business card (no actually, finally be happy with it and finalise it)
  • Film some short videos (tutorials etc) (not fictional pieces) and upload them onto youtube to challenge myself.
  • Become fluent in mandarin, speaking, reading and writing
  • Cook at least once a fortnight for my family (Make Confit Salmon, Kuay Teow, Laksa, Seafood Bisque, Pho, Quinoa Salad, Perfect Rice Rolls and the list goes on…)
  • Buy a food processor lols

And I’ll add to the list as time passes! I’m sure other things will pop up ;)

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