Two Birds One Stone // South Yarra

Apologies for the super belated post! I went by ‘Two Birds One Stone’ a couple months ago for a catch up with one my lovely uni friends. She brought me here and recommended we try it.

TBOS - TT (1)
The menu hasn’t changed since then so you can still try out what I had :) The menu can be found on their website online. It’s definitely a visually appealing place – bright, clean and their lights are pretty beautiful don’t you agree?TBOS - TT (2)
There is a separate breakfast and lunch menu BUT the good news (or bad for the indecisive people) is that both options are BOTH served ALL DAY! On to the food first…
TBOS - TT (3)
Asparagus with house smoked salmon, potato hash brown, two poached eggs, salsa verde & fried bread // $18.50
This was my friend’s dish. It looked very vibrant but honestly and she agrees – a definite asparagus overkill. They were generous but the dish wouldn’t have been enjoyable for those who don’t mind asparagus. This would be the ultimate asparagus lover’s dish, UNLESS there was more smoked salmon and more of the hashbrown to help balance the flavours out.
TBOS - TT (5)

My turn! Even though I was really tempted to order the soft shell crab burger, I ended up with the Rare yellow fin tuna with potatoes, green beans, olives, tomatoes, aioli & a crispy poached egg // $20.00
Doesn’t it look so appealing? I loved the presentation! Totally not what I had expected but awesome.
TBOS - TT (4)
I think crispy eggs are ‘in’ at the moment but so far they’e been overrated to me. It’s not really crispy so I think I’m quite satisfied with the plain poached egg. However, I did hear that if it’s done really well then it’s actually really good so I just need to hold on to hope I guess haha. So moving on the dish was nice (but olives overkill for me so I gave majority of them to my friend who lovessss olives #itworkedout. I LOVED the potatoes – it was really delicious and the green beans combo, I really liked the flavours. However I do think it doesn’t justify the price (beans/potatoes aren’t very costly) and the tuna was pretty average. I feel like I’m giving a pretty harsh critique – but it wasn’t a filling dish. I think I should have gone with the crispy soft shell crab burger but I can try that for next time. I don’t think the food/quality here is bad, but it’s just more upper class with it’s small portions and the price.
TBOS - TT (7)
Hot Chocolate with a marshmallow // $4.00
Yummy and I love the colour of the mug. I also like how Two Birds and One Stone offers the option of almond milk and soy.
TBOS - TT (6)
This GIANT Ice Chocolate// $6.00
My friend liked it! She got tempted after seeing another customer seated behind me drinking it haha.

Would I come back?
I think after I have more money… xD It’s definitely a pleasant place though. I would recommend it if you’re passing by and about to grab some macarons since it’s right next to Zumbo’s.

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