Sonley Stonegrill & Bar // Blackburn

Sonely TangerTalks (2)
Recently I had a really nice meal at Sonley Stonegrill & Bar. The presentation is quite simplistic, clean and neat. They have a pretty quirky ceiling around the inner corner and some small posters of information about the company like the one below.

Sonely TangerTalks (4)
This above explains what stonegrill is all about at Sonley’s; cooking meat on 400 degree heated natural volcanic stones!Sonely TangerTalks (3)
Sonley’s have plenty of options in their drinks menu which can all be found on their website.Sonely TangerTalks (5)
Basket of wedges // $9 with tomato sauce 
They were addictive and seasoned nicely with herbs
Sonely TangerTalks (6)
Rocket Salad – Goat Cheese, Beetroot, Candied Walnut // $16
The dressing was really nice, sweet yet tangy which fit well with the rocket. I’m not a huge fan of goats cheese so I ate around that but we shared the salad so it was fine.Sonely TangerTalks (1)
The above feature the following mains: Marinated Skewers ($28) Porter House M5 ($48) and the Seafood combinations ($44)  
It was a very cool experience being able to cook meat the way you like but I wasn’t the best at cooking it! I think next time I’ll be much better at it because I’ll know what I’m in for. My advice is to leave some of your meat on a plate provided, and to then cook/cut what you can/will eat bits at a time instead of the whole thing at once. That way it makes it easier to control how well your meat is cooked. Each main comes with one sauce of your choice and complimentary house side. I chose herb garlic French butter and we all received nice seasonable vegetables. I loved the veggies!
Sonely TangerTalks (8)
Apple Crumble, Butterscotch Sauce, Ice Cream // $12
Looks great but it wasn’t mine!
Sonely TangerTalks (7)
Tiramisu // $12
The tiramisu was really delicious. I’ve been really liking tiramisu lately actually. I just love the layers of sponge cake that are soaked in coffee and liqueur. It’s a very interesting texture. I also like coffee flavoured sweets and for some reason I don’t seem to get sick on them (I usually get sick from drinking any type of coffee).

Verdict: I had a really great time at Sonley’s. The service was terrific and all the staff were quick, attentive, patient and friendly. They had conversations with us, laughed and acted interested in what we had to say (lol not sure if they actually were – but they seemed genuine and easy going). The food is quite expensive but it really depends on what cut of meat you buy (they definitely have quality meat available). It’s not somewhere I would have dinner normally but it’s definitely a suitable place in the suburbs for a more classy dinner experience. Parking is easy to find and for free too.


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