Create Your Taste (CYT) // McDonald’s

I had the opportunity to try out this ‘new’ innovative ‘Create Your Taste’ burger at Maccas and in this post I will be sharing with you how I found the experience :Dmaccas tt (2)

 As this is still a fairly idea when we arrived at Maccas there was actually a staff member standing at the door near all the LCD screens handing out pamphlets that explained what CYT was about (it had all the options of ingredients you could choose from). I thought this staff member was super friendly and I felt really comfortable as she assisted my friend and I. I  did not have a great idea of how CYT worked (I actually thought it was a build your own burger thing where you could literally choose whatever you wanted like 3 fillet o fish with a chicken patty etc etc) but there’s actually 5 ‘sections’ to go through as you choose what to put in your burger. The standard price begins with $8.95 (if you choose all the basic options) and if you want any add ons they cost more (probably around 50 cents to $1 for each additional thing).nc
In quick summary, the sections include:
1. The bun (brioche, bakers bun OR EVEN just lettuce wrap!)
2. Cheese (Colby Jack, Cheddar, standard McDonalds cheese etc)
3. Turn up the taste which is extra fillings (guacamole, mushrooms, pineapple, egg etc) This automatically comes with ONE Angus meat patty (so if you touch the picture, you’ll get TWO patties – be careful of this!!)
4. Fresh n up is all the veggie options which are ALL FREEEEEE! (Whole leaf lettuce,grilled onions, beetroot, tomatoes, raw onion, jalapeños, pickles etc)
5.Get saucy (Chilli jam, Tomato, Chipotle, Aioli, Herbed Aioli, BBQ etc)
Then afterwards you have the option of making it into a meal or having the burger by itself. The meal automatically comes with a LARGE chips basket, but the drink you can order whatever size you like (keeping in mind additional fees). Personally I don’t think that the chips are that worth it (unless you’re sharing with someone because it still costs about $4 extra). I would rather buy separate chips (small size) or no chips at all because I’m personally trying to avoid fries haha!maccas tt (3)
This is my own create your taste burger! It’s pretty cool because after you select everything on the LCD screen you can paywave at the screen, and then you sit down. After 10 minutes someone from Maccas actually finds you at your seat and serves you your meal. It also comes up with face/hand refresher. The below photo is what my burger consisted of :)maccas tt (1)
How did the burger taste?
It was actually surprisingly really delicious. I loved the sweetness of the brioche and the chilli jam (not that spicy – quite sweet, almost like a tomato relish) really suited the burger patty. The burger itself was quite juicy (not dry like Big Mac patties I’ve had). I liked the grilled onion but I thought the red onion was quite strong and might have tasted better without it. I enjoyed the flavour combination and the brioche seriously really makes a difference to the burger so I’d definitely recommend choosing the brioche option. I am pleased because I was able to have tomato and GRILLED onion in a burger which I normally never have in my usual maccas burgers (mc chicken/big macs). I would recommend trying this create your taste option if you haven’t before! It does cost more but it’s better than the original huxtaburger in my opinion! The original huxtaburger costs more, is smaller and I actually found it more oily. Don’t get me wrong, I do like huxtaburger and it’s flavours but if I was able to have a similar quality Maccas burger as the one I had today, I’d definitely prefer it because of the price/convenience. The flavours are kind of similar depending on what options you choose as well.

I do keep in mind the issue of quality/consistency because I know some others who didn’t find this CYT that great. I do feel like I received exceptional service this time (friendly staff, generous portion of fillings etc) but I’m not sure if this will remain in one or two months time (I sure hope so) because I’m assuming also that Maccas really are trying to make money to promote this idea as great. I’m also not sure if other flavour combinations will go down well. I don’t splurge that much money on burgers usually and sometimes eating a burger is for the convenience but I think for those burger lovers it’s worth a try!


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