Percy’s Aeroplane Cafe // Kew

It was time for a brunch catch up with the bestie and we decided to check out this place! There’s a menu uploaded onto Zomato which includes both breakfast and lunch.PA- TT (1)
Love the coffee art at Percy’s Aeroplane Cafe!PA- TT (2)

Percy Thyme – Smashed Avo, Thyme Infused Mushrooms on Multigrain toast, Baby Spinach, Dukkah & Balsamic Glaze // $16.50
The mushrooms were really nicely flavoured with thyme and cooked well. The original poached egg was actually overcooked so she was able to have another one for free! :D The poached egg was necessary because without it the meal would be quite dry.
PA- TT (3)
Smoked Buxton Trout – Herb Potato Rosti, Baby Spinach, Lemon with Poached Egg & Dill Mayo Dressing //  $18.90
I really enjoyed my dish because of the potato rosti – it was delicious!! I loved the flavour with the dill mayo. The trout was nice but I think it would have tasted better with smoked salmon. My poached egg was also semi cooked (not completely runny) but I didn’t get it redone. Overall I enjoyed the combination together and it was quite tasty. (Simple but tasty)PA- TT (4)
I would recommend having a look at the Percy’s Aeroplane Cafe Menu before coming in – there isn’t a whole lot of options but if you find something you want to try then it’ll be worth swinging by. They have pretty nice coffee and a good range of sweet cakes/savoury bagels. From this experience I know their food isn’t bad but very normal so I would say it’s quite overpriced. If your poached eggs are over cooked you’re welcome to let them know and they’ll quickly redo one for you!


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