Langham’s Chocolate Bar – Aria Bar & Lounge // Southbank

A few months ago (yesss SORRRY belated post!) I went to my first high tea experience at Langham Hotel. This was in the event of a Hen’s party. This high tea experience is run by Melba Restaurant in the Aria Bar & Lounge at the Langham Hotel in Southbank. Langham TT (1)
At the time it cost us $79 per adult for a session at 12PM-2PM on a Saturday. There is another session at 2:30-4:30PM. During your session the staff are consistently topping up sweet treats at the dessert table.Langham TT (3)The self service desserts table (there are plenty of plates and tongs around). When you arrive and seated you are given a glass of sparkling wine to start. You are also individually allowed to order one pot of tea of your choice – it was extremely difficult to decide – they all looked great! (The only issue I had was that the staff that day weren’t very attentive in refilling cold/hot water in empty cups – I needed to find staff to ask them for it).Langham TT (5)On top of the self service all you can eat desserts (chocolate themed) table, part of the $79 package includes one set of savouries served on a 3 tier silver stand for your table to share. Langham TT (9)
They consisted of a variety of elegant, small and delicate:
Smoked salmon, Cucumber ribbon, Egg mayonnaise and cress, Cream cheese and chives sandwich & Scones with jam and clotted cream. They were quite tasty and definitely a good addition for the buffet because everything else is super sweet. I needed something savoury to help my stomach process the food!
Langham TT (10)
It’s actually quite difficult to go into a purely all you can eat chocolate/desserts bar (unless you’re an absolute sweet tooth) and actually eat heaps. I find I’ll get sick if I have too much sugar in one go, and I did start to feel a little uncomfortable with the sugar load towards the end. I wanted to make my monies worth but I didn’t want to feel sick so I just chose the desserts I REALLY wanted to try :)
Langham TT (7)
My favourite desserts were:
Langham Opera Torte
Banana & Chocolate Fudge Salted Caramel Popcorn
Belgian dark chocolate mousse
Pear Chocolate Ganache Tart
Langham TT (8)
Here are some others photos I took during the high tea!Langham TT (2)
They also have a chocolate fountain with fresh strawberries and a crepe maker (who puts together a crepe for you).
Langham TT (11)
It was a pretty special occasion and day to spend together with the Bride/Bridesmaids. I had a lot of fun especially because this was my very first experience of a High Tea, however it’s definitely a very luxurious meal so I don’t think I would revisit and have the exact chocolate bar experience again. Mostly because it’s quite expensive and there’s so much other foods I’d like to try! I’m content to have been able to try it already :) However I would love to come back and try their savoury high tea and also their other dinner/lunch packages/buffets they offer. I think I’m more of a savoury gal and I’ve heard a lot of good things about their buffets!

Thanks for reading!

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