Baba Sus Cafe // Glen Iris

Baba Sus Cafe has been gaining more and more popularity within the past year. Famous for it’s green tea lattes and Hong Kong egg waffles I knew I had to come by and try it!BSC TT (1)
The green tea latte isn’t actually on the menu so if you would like to give it a go you need to specially request it! It can be bitter for some so I would recommend asking for some honey on the side. BSC TT (2)
#flatlayBSC TT (3) The latte was nice however definitely not a sweet drink. I would recommend having it with honey because it actually really greens out the matcha taste. I’m not sure how it would taste with sugar but this was the first time I’ve had green tea with honey and I liked the combination. BSC TT (4)
Blue Mountains Wagyu Burger with Kaffir Lime Chips // $18
Juicy patty!BSC TT (5)
Soba Noodles // $16.50
Before coming here I actually told myself that I wouldn’t get the soba but I gave into my soba craving I’m really glad I did.  It was delicious and suprisingly quite big. It comes with soy dipping sauce, tempura prawn, enoki and tempura pumpkin, alongside with tea egg (which was super delicious) daikon, nori and wasabi on the side. The combination of everything was perfect and the dipping sauce was generous. I would recommend pouring it as you go and definitely to mix in the wasabi. Loved it!BSC TT (6)
Location wise Baba Sus Cafe isn’t the most convenient in terms of parking however it’s worth making a trip down if you haven’t been before. I arrived around 11am and waited for about 15 minutes before getting a table which was pretty good. It is a really busy place and it’s not that big so don’t expect to be able to linger around after you finish your meal unless you’re visiting during non peak hour. I’d like to come back to try their famous egg waffles and try their Japanese Chicken Caesar! I don’t think I’d order the green tea latte again –  it was worth trying for the novelty and wasn’t a bad drink however it isn’t out of this world spectacular or better than other green tea lattes I’ve tried.
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