Highlights in Walt Disney World

In no particular order here are some places within Disney World that have given me pleasant memories that I would recommend for you to have a look at too.DSC03711
Cinderella’s Castle // Magic Kingdom
Do I even have to explain? The iconic Walt Disney statue and Mickey Mouse says it all. It’s just a magical experience to see this sight in person and the castle is absolutely breath taking.  Walking from main street USA straight to the castle is also very nostalgic for some reason. The smells of popcorn, coffee and fairy floss is really reminiscent of childhood. DSC04201
Rapunzel’s Bathrooms // Magic Kingdom
I just love the special theming! Who would have thought to put this much effort into restrooms? #onlydisney. This area also has cool tree stumps to sit on which actually have powerpoints in them to charge your phone. At night the lanterns also light up beautifully. I believe Rapunzel would be quite proud.DSC03653
Tower of Terror // Hollywood Studios
Okay this is TERRIFYING and I can’t believe I even went on this BUT Disney do such a TERRific job at decorating the place. This twilight zone is spectacular and I really enjoy the first 30 seconds of the ride because it’s SO cool. I think it’d be great to get a backstage tour of this ride.DSC04264
Festival of Fantasy // Magic Kingdom
This classic Disney parade is awesome. It’s one of my favourite shows to watch at Disney. I love the music and the cute floats that pass with your favourite classic Disney characters. The princesses have cool floats especially Rapunzel and Flynn (Eugene who swings!). Mickey also waved to me the other day! It’s just a bit of  a fight to get a good spot but Frontierland is less crowded IMO.
Kilimanjaro Safari // Animal Kingdom
I really enjoy this safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! This always changes and it really just depends on the time of the day and how the animals are feeling in that day. I’ve had some safaris that have been super good where all the animals have come out but I’ve also had days where I’ve been where the animals have just been sleeping and hiding. Hopefully you’re someone who gets lucky or has the opportunity to visit more than just once so you can get a really good experience! The cast members I’ve had run the tour have all been informative and entertaining as well.DSC04504
Trail’s End restaurant // Disney’s Fort Wilderness Lodge
One of my favourite dining options on Disney property. I’ve been here multiple times both for the dinner/breakfast buffet and it’s been so delicious. I love the hearty choices of comforting flavours and selection of meats. There’s a lot of variety of fruit, desserts, vegetables and meat. I really like their combination of orange and grapefruit slices, their salmon and potatoes. The service at Trail’s End is also really good too, I’ve always had really friendly cast members even after they find out I’m a cast member. DSC04431
Dinosaur // Animal Kingdom
I loved this ride. I had such low expectations when I first went on it thinking it would be an educational slow moving ride but it was the complete opposite. I just find it hilarious and it makes me laugh while I’m in this completely intense environment trying not to get eaten alive by dinosaurs. It’s so much fun! DSC04061
Wishes fireworks spectacular // Magic Kingdom
I LOVE the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom. The meaning is so emotional about chasing your dreams and not giving up even when everything seems to be against you. It’s really magical with it’s Disney touch. I love how the music is in sync with the show too and there’s so many different locations you can get a good view from. You can see it with the castle, or you can view it afar as a landscape from the Contemporary Resort, The Grand Flordian and also the Polynesian along with other locations within Magic Kingdom. They’re so big and bright too. It’s just breath taking. No camera/video could ever capture how good wishes is. DSC04755
Beauty and the Beast musical // Hollywood Studios
I love watching the stage musical of beauty and the beast live. They sing all your favourite Beauty and the Beast songs and they’re such great performers.  It’s also a perfect amount of time and I like how they were able to condense the musical into a short show that still captures the main messages of the film. By the end of the show I always find myself tearing up.
Pulled Pork Waffle Fries // Magic Kingdom
A tasty find that I feel very proud of! You can find these at the golden oak outpost in adventureland and they’re definitely one of the most value for money food items in the whole of Magic Kingdom. It’s a no brainer that some dining options at Disney can cost quite a lot but for the time being this is $7.99 and it definitely fills you up. It’s a simple, unhealthy but super tasty meal!DSC04715 Night under the stars // Multiple locations – all Disney Resorts
I love the concept of watching a Disney movie under the stars. Across all Disney resorts they each show a Disney movie on selected nights outdoors. It was really nice during summer where it was still very warm at night. They still do this during winter however the movie generally stars earlier and it’s not on every single night. It’s a good activity if you aren’t spending the night at a theme park. DSC05432
Merchandise // Across all of Disney Property
Even if I’m not buying I could spend hours in all the different merch stores and themed stores across Disney. I love the cute, quirky and creative themed products Disney sources and creates for their fans.DSC05559
Finding Nemo musical // Animal Kingdom
Possibly one of the best shows I’ve seen in my life. It’s quite long but it’s amazing. I can’t stress enough about how good the songs are especially ‘Big Blue World’ and how terrific the singers are. I wish I knew the name but whoever plays as Nemo is so crazily talented. I highly highly recommend watching this!
DSC03736Be Our Guest restaurant // Magic Kingdom
For the novelty of it, I would definitely have a look inside at the different rooms and settings within Be Our Guest. It’s an exciting and fun experience especially if you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast. I love the ballroom with the ‘snow’ falling outside the glass windows and Beast’s room is awesome too (where you can see the rose). In another dining area there is also a series of beautiful artwork displayed from the movie which I love. Food wise I would only go for table service which is only available for dinner however this is a highly sought out restaurant and very difficult to make bookings so I’d try to do it months in advance. DSC06285
Spectacle of Dancing Lights // Hollywood Studios
This unfortunately has closed permanently but this light display would show every year during Christmas. It’s beautiful and an extremely large display of lights that change across the night with music that plays. It’s really like no other light display I’ve ever seen and I’m glad I had the opportunity to see it before they tore it down.DSC05924
Japan Pavilion // Epcot
I love the designs, the restaurants and mostly the store in Japan. It’s HUGE and there’s so much to see and look through. At the end of the store there is a massive collection of Japan sweets/foods you can buy including speciality tea and sake. There’s also currently a Kawaii display.
DSC07221New Years Fireworks // Magic Kingdom
Perimeter fireworks are amazing and Magic Kingdom NY’s was HUGE. It was crazy actually. I love the smiley faces! Google it now!!!


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