I’m back!

Hi guys!

For those who have enjoyed my blog and supported me while I ramble, share food and photos – thank you!

…and sorry! I know I’ve been very much MIA; part of me thought it might be time for me to say goodbye to tangertalks and start afresh… but today I was looking through my baby blog and felt inspired again. After all blogging is not my career – it’s for fun, an outlet of thoughts and a way to share things that would otherwise go wasted. So! Why not continue this journey with tangertalks and not be afraid?

Well! I am back and hopefully you’ll see more regular posts from me :)

So where have I been in the past year or so?

I’d like to believe I am still a foodie!

I was away in Disneyworld working and smiling away which was a very exciting but challenging time for me. Since then, I’ve come back to Australia and am continuing with the next chapter of my life. (Another reason that’s prevented me from blogging is because unfortunately on the plane ride back home my laptop was damaged and it’s made it quite difficult to edit/type).

I’ll be sharing some food posts with you soon and maybe some belated Disney posts… perhaps a FAQ…





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