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Hi guys! I thought it’d be fun to share some products that have stood out to me in the past couple of months…  (Picture first, thought after)

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1.Eye Liner Reviews (both of these are available from Mecca).
– Hourglass -Mechanical Gel Liner; Black
This eyeliner is legit the best eyeliner and also most expensive eyeliner I’ve used. It’s very easy to use (I also like gel eye liners the best) and has a very thin stroke. It’s great for doing the wing shape and it actually does not smudge at all even after a long day. It is pricey for such a small quantity but if you can afford it I’d go for Hourglass anyday.
-24/7 Urban Decay Eye Liner; Navy
My favourite thing about this gel glide on eyeliner from Urban Decay is how easy it is to use. It’s VERY creamy. You really only need to do one stroke and the colour is bold and strong. I was surprised at how nice the navy shimmer is but it’s great; even for regular days at work. Unfortunately it smudged  A LOT on my eyes and therefore I didn’t find it waterproof at all!

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2. Nail Polishes! 
These two are actually my favourite nail polishes that I own because I love the colour and flexibility of it. I can wear these shades anywhere and it will pretty much match any occasion – work or play. (Sorry I don’t have a swatch I’ll try and update this post with one later). In terms of quality I’ll go into them further below:
 -Missha Lucid Nail Polish – BR04
The Missha bran can be a bit of a hit and miss for me. I’ve tried a lot of their nail polishes in the past and I’ve found their ‘LUCID’ range is by far the best. It’s thicker and it lasts so much longer. I’m someone who always has their nail polish chipped after a day but this Lucid formula lasts for at least a few days – even without a base coat. The brunch is also thick. Missha is also a lot cheaper than most nail polish brands and 10x better than the Faceshop nail polish (they chip like crazy!)
-Dermelect Nail Polish – Commando (terracotta)
This was my first time trying Dermelect and I thought it was great. I prefer this brand over Sally Hansen/OPI because it lasts longer and it’s easier to apply. The brush is a thin type of brush but the colour only requires one coat to show. I’d definitely recommend checking it out.I believe they do stock this in Australia but it might just be online right now. It is on the more expensive side ($20ish) but if you’re picking between OPI which is about the same price I’d check out Dermelect.

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3. Disney Mickey Hand’s Watch
This is an authentic Disney vintage style watch but I am sure you can get something with a similar concept on eBay. It’s such a cute little statement but I love this watch because of the quirky watch hands. If you’re a Disney fan this watch is a great go to. It looks nice because the leather wristlet is quite thin and simple and it’s also a productive accessory that’s not ‘in your face’ Disney. Another feature I love about it is that it gives you the date. I’m someone who is really fussy about watches but I really can’t fault this Disney watch!

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4. Mrs. Darcy Candles
These are amazing and they also make beautiful gifts. Sadly I threw away the outside packing (there was more around the gold circles) but it was so pretty. See below screencap from their website – don’t you agree?tt.jpg
The one I received was a lovely gift from my boyfriend’s mother which is part of the ‘Jardin’ collection and it smells great. It’s a more citrus fruity smell and I use it in my room. The Jardin candles have two wicks and it’s lasted me a real long time (keeping in mind that I’m not the type of person who usually uses candles just because of my up bringing – so when I do use candles it’s like I’m treating myself to a nice quiet atmosphere with a book or movie to relax). I’ll definitely get more of these when I have a home of my own though because I know my boyfriend likes having candles around to make the house smell good!

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5.SASA – Swallow Nest Face Mask
I purchased this when I was in Taiwan but I’m sure you can get this shipped internationally. I’ve tried brands like ‘My Beauty Diary’ and to be honest I had planned on getting more MBD masks instead of this SASA branded one but the sales woman convinced me to try this black pearl mask instead. MBD has a similar ‘Swallow’s Nest’ version and the price is roughly the same but I thought I’d give this ago since the sales women was really pushing for it. I think with any face masks to really see the affects you have to be consistent and use it over a period of time. It has a strong smell but it’s a nice fragrant one and the mask itself is generous with fluid so there’s plenty left from the packet to use on your neck/upper chest if you wanted. The idea for this mask is to help irritated skin by nourishing it leaving the skin feeling healthier and softer. I’m not convinced yet but I think a part of it is because I’ve always been more of a MBD user.I don’t mind using this though – I admit my skin does feel a little tingly after about 10 minutes and it is refreshing to use.

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6. Hush Puppies – Infinity scarf
Ok so this whole time I always thought Hush Puppies only sold shoes and related items but what a pleasant revelation to find this scarf! I love it – it’s definitely my favourite scarf in my collection. It ticks all my boxes -firstly my favourite type of scarves are infinity, secondly it’s black AND white, thirdly it’s warm but not overally thick and finally it literally matches majority of things I wear.

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7. Hello Kitty ‘Milk tea’ lip balm
This was a huge stand out besides the obvious being ‘Hello Kitty’ branded but also because it holds the name of one of my all time favourite drinks – milk tea! How cute right? I thought the flavour was going to be milk tea but it tastes like nothing. I think it’s called milk tea due to the colour. It’s an interesting ‘lip balm’ because it’s more like a creamy lipstick as the colour is quite strong. The outer layer is a natural lip pink colour while the inside is definitely where the nude like pink colour comes from. It’s a large lip product but it’s more about the novelty rather than the quality. I wouldn’t purchase it again (keeping in mind branded things always cost more) purely because I wasn’t a huge fan of the matte type of look it left on my lips from the inner pink. If the whole thing was the outer pink it would have been perfect. This product is also only available in Taiwan I believe.

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8. Garnier -Micellar Cleansing Water
MIcellar water has seriously been the latest trend and I was very curious about it so decided to check it out. Now it’s one of my favourite products so I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a new makeup remover; or even something to use throughout the day to refresh your skin. I don’t always wear make up and I’ve been bringing this into work and applying it after lunch daily just to refresh my skin. It’s quick and easy! Make up comes off quickly and it doesn’t have a strong smell. You also don’t need much produc to get a whole lot off.

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9. Disney wedding jigsaw puzzle
Lastly I just wanted to share this really cute wedding themed jigsaw puzzle that I thought was a super cute concept. At a friend’s wedding we all got a piece at the beginning (while waiting for the Bride) and basically each guest helped to complete it. I thought it was a clever and interactive idea for the guests and defs gave me some #weddinginspo.

Well! There you have it! If you have tried any of these products before let know what you thought of it or if you’ve got any questions ask away and I’ll try my best to answer :)

Bye for now!


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