White Mojo Speciality Coffee & Roaster //Balwyn

TTWMOJO (1) Hi guys! Brunch season seems to have caught up with me  very recently and to kick it off I thought I’d share with you my latest experience at ‘White Mojo Speciality Coffee & Roaster’ in Balwyn. This is their second store – the original being in the city. You can catch their menu here. TTWMOJO (2)
Hot Matcha Latte // $6.00 &  Regular Latte // $4.00
To start we ordered drinks. I tried their matcha latte and was recommended by our waiter to get the hot version. He even offered to make it extra hot! I love matcha lattes but I’m usually quite hesitant to order it because I’m not sure if it’ll really be ‘matcha’ and if it’s just going to be sweet flavouring. I was pleasantly surprised at how rich the matcha flavour was and how there was a bitter edge to it. $6.00 is quite expensive but it was a special occasion and I’m relieved that it was a matcha latte to my liking. I know the picture doesn’t do it much justice but it was actually a very dark green colour,
Chilli Prawn & Chorizo // $22
I didn’t try this one but overall it sounded quite good. From what I recall the white bean puree didn’t really add well to the dish because it took flavour away from the prawns (it’s on the side but also spread underneath the eggs). As you can see the chilli slices are huge so maybe it’d be better if they were smaller. I think the dish is meant to be eaten with all the component together but in regards to how the dish eats it’s a little difficult as you need to peel the prawns and the components felt quite separate. I think it was still worth a try but there are so many other options on the menu I’d probably give this a miss unless you liked every component regularly.
White Mojo Croissant Burger // $24
This is probably the most talked about dish – the soft shell crab croissant combo. I did enjoy it – it was flavoursome and the soft shell crab was cooked well. I would have preferred if it there was more of it though because it wasn’t that big of a piece. I also didn’t notice where my smoked eel was – not sure if it was actually there? Maybe I just ate too fast? Or it was just a very small piece? It’s definitely more about the crab that’s for sure. The chipotle mayo was interesting – very similar to a siracha mayo. I love croissants though so I think the concept of a ‘croissant’ burger is clever. The pickled cucumber was nice – it tasted like kewpie. It also may not look that big because visually the meal is on half of a plate but I was so full afterwards. TTWMOJO (5)They also have a good selection of sweet treats such as cupcakes and donuts, along with loaves of bread.

White Mojo in Balwyn is a very spacious, bright and friendly place to enjoy a meal. They have a big variety of options on their menu from simple to complicated. It’s a good place if you’re looking for a nice cafe to fit a big group of people. I came by on a Saturday and though it was busy, we didn’t have to wait for a table or long in between drinks and meals. Service was friendly throughout from entering to departing. Even as I paid I was asked how the meal was and my experience at White Mojo. She also gave me some recommendations of what I should try next.

This is definitely a good match for the popular Mr. Hendricks! I’d say both places have good food, but the advantage of White Mojo is definitely the space. I also liked how personal the service felt.

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