Top Paddock // Richmond (Revisit)

Continuing on my brunch explorations was a recent visit back to Top Paddock. To visit my old post please click here. This time I came on a weekday and to my surprise it was still as busy as ever! There was quite a big group of us so we were able to book and good thing we did otherwise I’m sure we would have had to wait a while. Service was better than the last time I came as the waiter was friendlier and overall they were more organised in regards to the time between drink orders and food orders. tt-tp-2
Top Paddock – Chorizo, pickled onion, peppers, basil, bacon, Adelaide green tomatoes, poached eggs & relish on toast // $22.00
This is literally the largest brunch meal I’ve ever seen/had. I was so full I couldn’t even finish it and I promise that rarely ever happens to me. Top Paddock is defs value for money and it was delicious too. My friend ordered this last time and just from photo comparison they don’t have as much peppers on the dish but instead more pickled onion and I tell you they were extremely generous with the pickled onion! It was all over my plate so much that it even makes up for the forgotten bacon. 3 of us ordered this dish and only one of us got bacon in our dish so that was disappointing. The things I enjoyed most about the dish was the basil ‘infused’? green tomatoes and the flavour of the relish with the peppers and onions. It’s a huge meal and it comes with two pieces of toast (which I just couldn’t finish). The only downside was that the chorizo was quite oily. 
 Blueberry & ricotta hotcakes with berries, maple syrup, seeds & cream // $21.00
For those who know me I’m really not a ‘berry’ person and I don’t enjoy fruit that’s been cooked (I pretty much just like fresh fruit) so I was a bit afraid for my tastebuds trying this dish. I’ve heard SO many great things about this particular dish (it’s also a favourite on instagram) and now I’ve finally come to understand what’s so good about it. It tastes like a delicious soft fluffy cake! If I could have something like this for my birthday cake I’d be pretty happy. I think what was great about it was that even though there was ‘cooked’ fruit (blueberries) it wasn’t mushed in so I could eat around it or yes suck it up and eat the blueberry whole. There was also no jam or fruity dressing which was great for me. The hotcakes were quite sweet but balanced well with the tart strawberry. I don’t think most people could eat the whole thing by themselves (due to how sweet it is – I’d need something savoury to help balance it out) but I think it’d be a great dish to share. tt-tp-5
Eggs Benedict – Pork jowl, poached eggs, yuzu compressed apple, maple bacon crumb & bearnaise on baguette // $19.50
I didn’t try this dish but heard good things about it. Heard that the apple was amazing and the pork jowl was quite soft. In person this dish doesn’t look that big and I’m not sure if you’d be ‘stuffed’ but
I also tried their Green Cold Pressed Juice (Cloudy apple, Kale, celery, green capsicum, cos lettuce  & lemon) // $7.00.
This came in a huge glass. It was quite refreshing and I really enjoyed it! I couldn’t really taste the capsicum, lettuce or kale but I could definitely taste strong hints of celery.

Their current menu has quite a lot of different options appealing to different tastes – so you have the more hearty options (such as their big breakfast equivalent;Top Paddock, or more health conscious options (such as their Chia Pudding) but also quite interesting combinations (such as their ‘White Anchovies and Jamon Serrano’ and ‘White beans with chipotle’).

Overall consensus:  I have no doubts you can have a great experience at Top Paddock. Their menu is quite different from most so if you’re after something more fancy then it’d be worth a try. It’s not going to be my regular brunch place but that’s mostly due to the inconvenient location for me. I definitely had a much nicer experience this time round as the food quality and service was better. Also last time as it was so busy my friends and I had to share a table with three other strangers so it was more uncomfortable and definitely not a great environment for a catch up. It was literally more of a eat and leave experience. This time we had our own table and didn’t feel rushed at all.
Top Paddock Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Top Paddock Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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