Udon Yasan // CBD

I was after a quick casual meal to fill up my hungry stomach the other night and stumbled across Udon Yasan. From the outside it looks like a quick service restaurant (like a fast food joint but of asian food haha). To be honest I didn’t expect much from it because it functions as a cheap self service diner. ud-tt-2
Medium bowl of Udon is $4.8, but with beef ($3) is $.78
The way it works is that you order your choice of noodles such as noodle soup, dry noodle, noodle with curry etc (and the meat you want) then you can add paid toppings (mostly fried options such as fried chicken, tempura, soft shell crab, but also things like egg). At the end of the aisle you pay and there’s also a section of all you can eat free toppings. //
My bowl of toppings // $0
There were more options but I opted for spring onions, wakame seaweed, bonito flakes and grated radish. You are also welcome to go back anytime to get more. There were also other options such as chilli flakes and ginger.
ud-tt-3Paid toppings // approx $1-3. The soft shell crab was $7ish
To be honest I was really unimpressed by all of these. I didn’t pick these options but if you’re going to eat unhealthy foods like tempura it might as well be good so it’s worth it! The tempura was really flat and not crunchy. The chicken was also quite dry. The biggest let down was the soft shell crab. It was some special they were doing when we went so I’m not sure if they regularly sell it but I would not get this again. Again, it was flat so together it was soggy and not crunchy – everything a soft shell crab is not meant to be.

So overall! It’s definitely a quick fix. You get your meal within seconds as they give you the bowl of noodles once you choose it. It’s easy and the staff were all friendly to us.  For $7.8 (as a base if you choose meat) it’s alright. You do get what you pay for. The soup was flavoursome but to the salty side and I’d like it if there was more soup. See, if you’re getting something like Udon you realise that if you took the Udon out of the bowl there actually isn’t much soup – the ratio is off. I think it would differ if the bowl was larger.

When we went there was lots of seating but also lots of people eating. It seemed popular but I won’t be going back (due to the fact that it’s not really value for money – it’s something I could make at home without the toppings) unless I was put in a similar situation (just too hungry and tired to walk around).

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