Cafe Carpenter // Malvern East

 cc-tt-5After I saw the menu online, visiting Cafe Carpenter bumped to the top of my ‘to try’ list.  I was sucked in because there were so many delicious options and the photos of the food looked great! When we arrived I found that the cafe was a lot smaller than I had expected but it’s very cute  with stylish decorations. I wouldn’t come here with a big crowd but a small group of 2-4 would be perfect. We were pretty lucky it wasn’t busy when we arrived because I can imagine the wait for a seat would have taken
Sweet Potato Noodles (Beef & Veg) // 16
The noodles had a very homely feel. It was clear that they used fresh ingredients but it was simple. I liked that the noodles weren’t soaked in oil (compared to the usual chap chae I’ve tried).
However it was quite expensive for what it is – the veg was capsicum, onion and spinach (ingredients you can’t go wrong with) and the portion wasn’t average. I did enjoy the meal but I don’t think it’d fill up a hungry person and for $16 you would expect to be full.
Okonomi Yaki (Japanese Pancake) // 16
This had a Korean twist on the traditional okonomi yaki as it was quite cheesy!  I was pleasantly surprised with the size and it was  much more filling than the noodles. I’d recommend getting this as a side and sharing it with another person because the flavour is quite strong it is nice to have it with something else for variety. The pancake did have meat in it but it wasn’t a generous amount. I do prefer the more traditional take on the Japanese pancake but it was worth a try.
cc-tt-4Small takoyaki // 5-6?
This was tasty but again a bit disappointing due to the cost and size. It wasn’t amazing but it was interesting to try. Again it had a korean twist to it – it was very cheesy! The pluses was that i was nice, creamy and had a really soft texture,  cc-tt-1I know I’ve negged quite a bit on the price… unfortunately I do think it was quite expensive for what it was. Nothing tasted bad but it was all quite simple and I didn’t find the contents to be generous for it’s price. It’s a cute cafe with a friendly environment but I wouldn’t have super high expectations of the food. I’d also order their Korean dishes since it seems to be more Korean run and the Japanese dishes don’t seem to be authentic. It seems to be a nice place to go to if you’re in the area and after a bite to eat, however it’s not a restaurant to go out of your way for. This is based on the few things I’ve tried but after looking at more reviews it looks like their matcha and dessert are more popular options.

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