Jonker Street Malaysian Restaurant

Happy New Year!! Today I thought I’d share with you my recent experience at Jonker Street in Doncaster East. I heard a lot of different things about this place and while I was keen to try my own noodle dish (e.g. Laksa) we ended up getting sharing plates with an unlimited rice bucket instead. We did make a booking just incase and  good thing we did because for a weekday it seemed quite busy. We were greeted with a friendly waiter and he looked after us for most of our stay.js-tt-3
Sweet and Sour Prawn // 22.80
The prawns were fresh and succulent! They had the typical sweet and sour sauce (you shouldn’t go wrong with this option) but it would have been nicer if the onions had been fried for a little longer (they still had a pretty raw taste – you can still see how white they are). Usually if I ever order a sweet and sour option we go for the pork, but this time prawn did prove to be a good choice. I liked mixing it up.
Choy Heong Bean Curd (Tofu) // 16.80
Oh my goodness – words cannot actually do this dish justice. It was amazing. The bean curd was extremely soft (the softest tofu I’ve had in my life). The flavour was smashing and this was definitely my favourite dish by far. The bean curd melted in your mouth and I really didn’t want to share this with anyone else!
Fishhead Curry Soup
This was very spicy and highly anticipated from all of us but I wasn’t fan. The others liked it though – I think it’s probably because the look of it reminds me of Laksa and it doesn’t take anything like a Laksa haha (remember how at the beginning of my post I said I would’ve been happy with a nice bowl of Laksa…?) Anyway it’s a big portion so I think if you were feeling like fishhead curry, it would be a good choice.
Lobak // 8
Sorry I can’t comment much on how great of a dish this was. I’m not sure what the standard is for a Lobak – all I can say was that it had a unique flavour (from the spices) and the flavours were quite average to me.js-tt-1
Mixed vegetables with garlic // 15.80
If you’re after a vegetarian dish I’d go for this! It seriously had a good variety of different vegetables (variety of mushrooms) and the flavor was good. That’s really all you need – a good serving size and good flavour. Ok but have a look at the picture (I guess it depends if you like these vegetables – whereas for me I like every single one of those veggies featured so it was awesome for me.)js-tt-2
Sizzling chicken with cashew nuts  // 17.80
My second favourite dish of the night! I loved the flavours and the sauce – sweet and delicious. They always manage to get chicken super soft (I don’t know what unhealthy things they do to it but it’s amazing). Again onions could be cooked for longer but man the cashews just make up for everything.

So now that I’ve been to Jonker Street I can finally gather my own opinion. I had a great experience and I believe that comes down to the chef, the waiter and what we ordered. That night we had a good experience with all three and we picked dishes that we would like. It sucks when there are such a mix of reviews because it means there’s lack of consistency. I can only hope that next time I visit my experience will be just as good or even better. It’d be such a shame if I ordered my favourite bean curd dish and it was a disappointment! *Fingers crossed*

Now I hope you have enjoyed my inconsistent posts in the past year… Did you? Well if you did, good news is that I will  continue to try and post at least twice a month so let’s see how I go in 2017!

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