Hi I’m Tiff &  welcome to my ‘tangertalks’ blog (tan-jar).

I enjoy taking photos and thought this would be a great place to use them and also to remember  memories + share my thoughts and experiences. This is my personal blog created out of curiosity so we’ll see how things go. I hope to learn something through blogging and hopefully you’ll be enlightened with some of the things I share.

A little bit about me? Thought I’d just answer some random ‘About Me Tag’ questions.

What’s a staple in your closet? I love scarves! I think they make a great accessory and I love how they come in all sorts of lovely material. I’m always on a search for unique scarves with different patterns but I probably have too many…
What a quote you believe in? I quite like this one by Max Lucado,You are valuable because you exist. Not because of what you do or what you have done, but simply because you exist.
Can you taste the difference between Coke and Pepsi? Yup! I’m a coke girl.
Have you ever had an allnighter? Unfortunately yes #notcool and I definitely don’t recommend it. It’s super bad for your body and when I did it, it wasn’t even for a sleepover but finishing up folio work!! ZZZ (I used cucumber slices and spoons to keep my eyes from feeling so sore.)
What do you order at Starbucks? I don’t often go to Starbucks actually but if I did, I’d probably order a Green Tea Latte.
What’s your favourite perfume? Currently it’s Live Luxe by Jennifer Lopez! It was a birthday present.
Do you like Sushi? I love sushi! I love sashimi! I tried making some sushi too… :)
Favourite Book? I’ve grown up reading ‘Christy Miller’ books by Robin Jones Gunn which are my all time favourite. I would also recommend ‘Redeeming Love’ by Francine Rivers – very thoughtful tear jerker.
What’s currently your favourite song? It’s hard to pick a favourite song but I’ve definitely been putting ‘Oceans’ by Hillsong on repeat!

Feel free to comment below and share with my your answers :)

Take care & God Bless x


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