Cooking // Pumpkin Pizza

It’s been awhile since I last shared any ‘cheat/quick’ eat recipes (mostly for those who don’t have a whole lot of time/need to use a lot of basic ingredients in substitute for fancy ingredients featured in hardcore recipes that you might not typically have).
Since I’m not really a pro, I tend to look up recipes for foundational inspiration but I end up swapping a lot of the ingredients that are more accessible or that I’m more comfortable with cooking with. Sometimes it’s also because I don’t want to buy a whole bottle of something that I’ll only use once or twice (and then have heaps leftover).

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Baking – Oreo Cupcakes

H & I spent the whole afternoon baking birthday Oreo Cupcakes for one of our close friends. It was a lot of fun hanging out, going shopping for the ingredients, baking and decorating the cupcakes! Our friend loved them too hehe.

Here are some photos :)

Oreos (2) To make Oreo Cupcakes all you need to do is first make the cupcakes themselves. We used a chocolate cupcake recipe.Oreos (3) Then we added a bit of the mixture into cupcake holders, placed one oreo in each holder, then filled the rest up with the mixture. Then we baked them! It depends on your oven but approximately 180 degrees for half an hour.Oreos (4) To get the Oreo icing we placed about 5 oreos into a little seal it bag, then crushed it up into small pieces by either shaking the bag or by applying pressure to the bag.Oreos (5) Then we mixed up the cookie bits into vanilla icing… It was all going well..UNTIL…Oreos (6) …We started piping!! We realized our cookie bits weren’t fine enough (which was sad because I wanted that crunchiness texture) so we had to crush and crush to make it even more fine. The reason for this was because all the cookie bits got stuck inside the piping bag which meant we couldn’t pipe nice thin icing. Tip for all you out there who want to attempt this: Crush up all the pieces very finely before you mix it with icing, or get a larger piping screw top that will fit the cookie bits.

This also explains why our icing ended up being so thick! (Luckily our friend likes icing haha)Oreos (8) You can see our oreo inside! *Surprise!*Oreos (9) Lots of icing ;) We both took turns doing the piping. It was actually my first time piping so some of them look pretty inconsistent. It takes a while getting used to, but being patient and slow is helpful, Also getting really close to the cupcake itself helps your hands to remain steady.Oreos (11)As there is already an Oreo inside each of the cupcakes we didn’t put an extra oreo on all of the cupcakes (helps on the sugar intake haha…)

Hope you like the end product! Next time it’ll look even better with more practice ;) At the end of the day it was good bonding time with H, and our friend enjoyed the cupcakes! We also made enough so I got to have a few of my own! x

HEALTHY cooking – Meaty Burgers


I recently had a sleepover with my bestie and we decided to cook instead of eating out. Cooking at home is always good because it helps you save money and helps you control your diet to eat healthier foods. You don’t always know the environment of the restaurants you go to – how much oil they use etc! My dear friend studies nutrition so she knows what she’s talking about – I’ve been getting free advice from her haha ;)

Ok so today I’m sharing with you our awesome healthy burgers!

healthyburgers (2)

The meat patties were made with the combination of mince beef, shaved carrot and lots of parsley + other herbs and spices. You can add ingredients like paprika, garlic powder or thinly chopped up onions and mush it all together to form the round burger patty.

 healthyburgers (3)

While the patties were being cooked, I prepared some fried mushrooms and caramelised onions for extra fillings!

healthyburgers (1)

The final product! If you’re a big eater, I suggest putting more quantities of spinach, onion & mushroom. Or eating another burger works too ;) Beetroot & tomato slices also make a healthy contribution. Sauces are all up to you depending on what you fancy – mustard? tomato? bbq sauce? Lemme know what YOU like :)

Birthday Cooking – Sushi & Rice Paper Rolls

It was my lovely boyfriend’s birthday awhile ago.. and I made my first meal for him! I was initially quite stressed because I’d never made sushi OR rice paper rolls either and I wasn’t sure if it’d be successful or if I’d have enough time. I chose to do this because I’ve never made food for him and thought it’d be special + I also wanted to get healthier food into him. It took me a few hours to make including shopping time xD You can get proper recipes just by searching in Google. I’m sure has some ideas :) You can always alter the ingredients slightly and choose your own sauces.sushibf (1)I began by firstly cooking the rice because that is extremely crucial to making sushi! It’s also the process that takes the longest as you also need to let the rice cool down. I used sushi rice and added some rice wine vinegar and sugar into the mixture. Whilst it was cooking, I then did all my prepping – meaning chopping up the carrots,avocado pieces, onion and cucumber thinly, frying egg (adding sugar),washing up bean sprouts (cutting off the ends) shredding chicken and getting meat floss ready. To save time many of my ingredients overlapped for the sushi and rice paper rolls.

You then pretty much place rice first onto nori, then layer the rest of the ingredients onto,then roll it up. After it’s firmly together you can cut them up into smaller pieces. The same goes for rice paper rolls, you must first wet the wraps, then place ingredients on one side and roll it up together like a wrap :)

The different combinations I had included:
1. Chicken, Avocado, Cumber, Carrot
2. Tuna, Cucumber, Carrot
3. Meat floss
4. Nori-tama (Sweetened egg)

Next time I’d like to try making California rolls and also make Sashimi sushi toosushibfMy rice paper rolls!There was some variety, but mostly included of shredded roast chicken, Lebanese cucumber, carrot, bean sprouts, vermicelli and thinly sliced red onion. Hoisin sauce for dipping :) sushibf (2)The final product! Got a few more plates of sushi but they all looked about the same :)

It was pretty fun to make and definitely a healthy option for picnic food. There was soy sauce for the sushi. We ate most of it at home, but later took some out to the riverside. Unfortunately it was really warm so it didn’t taste as good as it did in the morning! But.. on the up side the weather was lovely for a romantic date ^^