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Taiwan photostory

I’m in the amazing city of Taiwan – Taipei! :) It’s been a crazy week but definitely an enjoyable one. I’ve been out and about exploring different areas of Taiwan (mostly Taipei) and spending time with my lovely relatives.

Here are some quick snaps of Taiwan I’d like to share with you. All in really random order by the way, but let’s say its the highlights of the week! #tooeagertoshare.

IMG_7316 Cute mobile accessories selling for about $50NT each ($2) They’re probably made out of polymer clay but it’s quite special and fun to gift because a lot of them are moulded after popular cartoons! E.g. Hello Kitty & Angry Birds. Can you spot any others you recognize? You can find these at many night markets around Taiwan.IMG_7491 Beautiful Taipei 101 BuildingIMG_7501i I know.. not exactly necessary or cheap (you can get bottled water at 7/11 anywhere in TW!) but this is so cute. It’s been made into the shape of the 101 tower!IMG_7606 Delicious Sashimi Salad at the ‘Best 85 Panorama’. I loved it. IMG_7680 Amazing view of Taipei City.IMG_6067 The best fruit ever!!! Water Apples. It’s so unique – on the inside it’s almost fluffy.IMG_7116 Delicious Pipi’s @ Shi Ye Restaurant. IMG_7210Last but not least, I ha to share these adorable creatures with you! At first I thought it was a statue but they are real live moving turtles!! This was at Aletheia University.

Merry Christmas :) (+Lights)

clights (1)Merry Christmas everyone!  :) I hope you all are having/had/will have a wonderful day with family and friends remembering this joyous occasion!

Christmas is a time that means quite a number of different things to people, whether that be ‘ahh that stressful gift giving time’ or ‘yes! boxing day sales are coming up’ or ‘family time’ ‘public holiday double pay’ or even ‘meh doesn’t change anything except things aren’t open’ or ‘public holiday transport timetable #sadface’…. I don’t want to dwell upon the negatives, what good will that do for us? It won’t help us to become happier or more satisfied with life. For me Christmas is about remembering the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Today we sang ‘Amazing Grace’ at church and I thought the lyrics were just so appropriate for how amazing God is. I find the concept  so difficult to grasp  that God chose us. Sometimes it’s easier to believe that God is just powerful and stays up and above not caring to what’s below- instead of a God who is yes very powerful but actually ALSO so full of love, mercy and compassion. How do I know this? Because through every trial, hardship and painful memory where I felt like there was no hope, God has always pulled me out of it. I can’t explain it but I could only see Plan A or Plan B and He somehow had Plan C. I know words can’t make a whole lot of difference sometimes, but sometimes all you need is an encounter. You can’t truly believe in God without experiencing Him. No one could ever make you believe in Him, but if you want to know him? Draw near to Him and He will reveal himself to you :)

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now I’m found
Was blind, but now I see

My chains are gone
I’ve been set free
My God, my Savior has ransomed me
And like a flood His mercy reigns
Unending love, Amazing grace

The Lord has promised good to me
His word my hope secures
He will my shield and portion be
As long as life endures

My boyfriend and I went to see the Christmas lights last night! :) It was amazing. My first time checking it out and it was crowded! There were so many houses to look at and everyone who participated did such a great job in putting lots of effort to create such a special atmosphere. Below is just a quick glimpse of the different decorations!

clights (2)The most beautiful wreath I ever did see!clights (3)

clights (4)

clights (6)

NOTD – Galaxy Nails

nails (1) nails (2) nails (3) nails (4)Hilda  & I with our ‘Galaxy’ nails.

You can find all sorts of different galaxy designs all over the net (pretty much where we got our inspiration from!)and none will be exactly the same. I hope you guys like ours! It was so fun and SO time consuming, but when you have someone else keeping you company time goes by so much faster :)

Many people tend to start off with a black coat but we used a dark blue base instead. We used a whole heap of different colours – silver, purple, pink, glitter & light blue – but it’s really up to you what colours you choose because it’s all dependent on what look you want to go for. I’m quite tempted to do a ‘strawberry shortcake’ version with shades of pink and white ;p

We used a facial sponge to create the cloudy effect and you can also use a dotting tool or a toothpick to print on the stars.