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I absolutely love Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain! <3 So far I have three of these (Romantic & Sweetheart) but today I’ll focus on Honey. 1

Honey is very similar to my natural lip colour therefore it really only enhances the colour – giving me more confidence to face the day! ;)
It’s really easy to use and glides well on my lips, but I tend to put some pawpaw ointment/vaseline type of lip balm to moisturise my lips before I put this on. It also has a bit of a minty taste/refreshing feel after you put it on. I don’t tend to reapply because I haven’t needed to. I love that it’s so far really smudge proof and good for layering on/mixing with other Revlon Balms(if you’re after a less dramatic red for example).

I definitely recommend this product for it’s usability and colour but only if you’re after that simple look! If your lips tend to dry easily, then I’d suggest having a clear balm on hand to moisturise your lips. If you’re after a more dramatic statement look, then the other colours in this range are GREAT!! Honey is probably the most casual chic one :P

Note: Some other reviews say that the lip stain balms have been very minty, BUT my other lip stain balm – the Romantic/Romantique one, is NOT minty at all!


Hammer and Tong +N2 Extreme Gelato

I had the pleasure of celebrating my two close friends birthdays at ‘Hammer and Tong‘ and then ‘N2 Extreme Gelato‘! Both visits for the first time and on a gorgeous sunny day too :))

Here are  my thoughts on the FOOD!

First stop – Hammer and Tong!
As soon as we arrived, I could already tell how popular it was just by the queue! We waited for almost half an hour for a table and there was probably about 5 others waiting behind us! The staff were friendly and overall quite quirky actually!bdaylunch (1)Corn & zucchini fritters, avocado, manchego, spinach, chili tomato relish, poached/fried egg /$17 (Friend’s dishes)

bdaylunch (2)Soft shell crab burger /$16
This was my dish and it was so tasty. I love the texture of Brioche buns done well and this one was light and tender. It had good flavours and the crab wasn’t too crunchy either. Definitely seasoned well, but not the most succulent tasting soft shell crab.Of course, a tad messy to eat but it was so worth it!

Hammer & Tong on Urbanspoon

Second stop- N2 Extreme Gelato!bdaylunch (4)It seems as though everyone has been RAVING on about N2 so we thought we’d give it a try. We were so happy  for the lovely weather as well. When we arrived here, it was ALSO packed but lucky for us it gave us time to decide what we wanted. Their menu board is really fun and awesome with small cartoon drawings and handwritten food titles on a chalkboard like wall. I really wanted to try the crème brulee one that everyone had been recommending but unfortunately it wasn’t on the menu ( not for ‘this season’) so I really hope they’ll bring it back sometime and I can come back and try it!   bdaylunch (5) Black Lava Salted Caramel Dulche de Luche, Lavender + Almond Fed White Chocolate Fudge &  Deconstructed Apple Strudel \$6 each
I can see why many people are so into this place, but I do find it slightly overrated. Sure it’s a very cool place to check out for the first time – being their unique way of serving and making the gelato for you, however I do think that ‘awe’ does and will phase off after awhile. Therefore what will be left would be flavour and quality of their gelato. I had the Salted Caramel one which would have been nicer if it had been in a smaller quantity as it does just become too sweet.  For the price and the one size only, it’s not something I’d regularly get, though for a special treat  or an occasion I would not mind. After all they do have exciting innovative ideas for flavours which I’d be interested in checking out.  I suppose in the end it’s more about the experience of going to N2 and being curious about how their flavours differ to other typical gelato places.

N2 Extreme Gelato on Urbanspoon

And to my dear friends (Bec + Miriam) I really hope you guys had a lot of fun (I sure did!) celebrating your birthdays!  I feel sososo blessed to have you girls in my life. You’re both so easy to talk to and always giving me great tips and encouragements in my life xx


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I thought this would be  great way to remember  memories so this is my personal blog created out of curiosity and fun! 

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