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Hi guys! I thought it’d be fun to share some products that have stood out to me in the past couple of months…  (Picture first, thought after)

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1.Eye Liner Reviews (both of these are available from Mecca).
– Hourglass -Mechanical Gel Liner; Black
This eyeliner is legit the best eyeliner and also most expensive eyeliner I’ve used. It’s very easy to use (I also like gel eye liners the best) and has a very thin stroke. It’s great for doing the wing shape and it actually does not smudge at all even after a long day. It is pricey for such a small quantity but if you can afford it I’d go for Hourglass anyday.
-24/7 Urban Decay Eye Liner; Navy
My favourite thing about this gel glide on eyeliner from Urban Decay is how easy it is to use. It’s VERY creamy. You really only need to do one stroke and the colour is bold and strong. I was surprised at how nice the navy shimmer is but it’s great; even for regular days at work. Unfortunately it smudged  A LOT on my eyes and therefore I didn’t find it waterproof at all!
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Inefficient friendships

Just recently a friend of mine mentioned the topic of efficient friendships aren’t always healthy. It really got me thinking. He was discussing about how when you love someone you don’t care about the boundaries such as the insecurities – you’ll go out there and spend time with this person. You’ll forsake the worries about how late it is, or that you have other things to do. It’ll be a priority to talk to this person. It won’t be ‘efficient’ anymore. If it’s too efficient it becomes a calculation. To value friendship in a less efficient manner (I’m not talking about logistics here; because we do need it) is to love like Jesus does. It’s to put their needs before your own. It’s to be willing to face rejection because they’re worth the rejection.

Colossians 3:12-14 Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.TT

Maybe I’m not explaining it all too well but it really got me thinking.

I’m back!

Hi guys!

For those who have enjoyed my blog and supported me while I ramble, share food and photos – thank you!

…and sorry! I know I’ve been very much MIA; part of me thought it might be time for me to say goodbye to tangertalks and start afresh… but today I was looking through my baby blog and felt inspired again. After all blogging is not my career – it’s for fun, an outlet of thoughts and a way to share things that would otherwise go wasted. So! Why not continue this journey with tangertalks and not be afraid?

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Highlights in Walt Disney World

In no particular order here are some places within Disney World that have given me pleasant memories that I would recommend for you to have a look at too.DSC03711
Cinderella’s Castle // Magic Kingdom
Do I even have to explain? The iconic Walt Disney statue and Mickey Mouse says it all. It’s just a magical experience to see this sight in person and the castle is absolutely breath taking.  Walking from main street USA straight to the castle is also very nostalgic for some reason. The smells of popcorn, coffee and fairy floss is really reminiscent of childhood. DSC04201
Rapunzel’s Bathrooms // Magic Kingdom
I just love the special theming! Who would have thought to put this much effort into restrooms? #onlydisney. This area also has cool tree stumps to sit on which actually have powerpoints in them to charge your phone. At night the lanterns also light up beautifully. I believe Rapunzel would be quite proud.DSC03653
Tower of Terror // Hollywood Studios
Okay this is TERRIFYING and I can’t believe I even went on this BUT Disney do such a TERRific job at decorating the place. This twilight zone is spectacular and I really enjoy the first 30 seconds of the ride because it’s SO cool. I think it’d be great to get a backstage tour of this ride.DSC04264
Festival of Fantasy // Magic Kingdom
This classic Disney parade is awesome. It’s one of my favourite shows to watch at Disney. I love the music and the cute floats that pass with your favourite classic Disney characters. The princesses have cool floats especially Rapunzel and Flynn (Eugene who swings!). Mickey also waved to me the other day! It’s just a bit of  a fight to get a good spot but Frontierland is less crowded IMO. Continue reading Highlights in Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Food!

Hi there! Over the past few months I’ve been trying all sorts of food around the Walt Disney World property. Here’s a post on some of the things I’ve tried and what I thought of it :) All the prices exclude tax.tt disney (17)
Location: Contemporary Resort
Dining: Contempo Cafe
Item: Spice-crusted Mahi Sandwhich (with Vegetable-style Coleslaw and Spicy Tartar Sauce on a Focaccia Roll with French Fries and Vegetable-style Coleslaw)
Thoughts: When I ordered this dish it was mainly enticed by the fact that it came with fries. Sadly majority of burgers and items on the menu don’t come with fries! You have to add it on for an additional $2.50 or so. Anyways! Mahi is a type of fish and it was extremely soft and tender. This was a really tasty fish burger with good seasoning of spices. I’d order it again.
tt disney (15)Location: Wilderness Lodge (Resort)
Dining: Whispering Canyon
Item: Slow-smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich (on a Brioche Roll, with Barbecue Sauce, and Western Slaw with sweet potato fries and homemade beans)
Price: $13.99
Thoughts: Probably one of my favourite meals at Disney. I would highly recommend this dish! (I really enjoyed other meals I’ve had at the Wilderness Lodge/Fort Wilderness too). I loved the sweet potato fries and the pulled pork flavours were spot on. The beans had a really smokey taste (probably similar to the sauce the pulled pork is marinated in). This is a value for money dish – incredibly filling and the experience at Whispering Canyon is quite fun too. The cast members poke fun at you and give you big quantities of things you ask for (e.g. ketchup).
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Epcot Food & Wine Festival 2015

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This year I had the opportunity to experience Disney World’s EPCOT’S annual ‘Food & Wine Festival’ held between September 25-November 16, 2015! Food and Wine at EPCOT is all about ‘Tasting Your Way Around The World. “Embark on a culinary adventure celebrating 20 years of culture and cuisine with the finest wine and beverage offerings at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival, presented by CHASE®.”  …Which is exactly what I did do! I embarked on a culinary adventure and Epcot Food & Wine has been amazing.

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Countries featured have their own pavilions with about 3 different food options and wine options that showcase the country. Countries featured include: Africa, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China,  France, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Patagonia,  Poland, Scotland, South Korea and some speciality gourmet food stands such as Chew Lab, Farm Fresh, Wine and Cheese stations etc.

The dishes are not very big (the plates are about the size of a regular plastic fork). Below are some of the tastings I was able to try and my thoughts. Continue reading Epcot Food & Wine Festival 2015

Cultural Comparisons

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It wasn’t too long ago where I found myself boarding a plane and heading all the way to the US! Keeping it short and sweet here are a few plus things that I’ve discovered along the way about living in the states!

  1. Strange vending machines don’t just exist in Japan. I have now come across ice cream vending machines, vending machines that sell pringles ANDDD frozen meals!
  2.  I’ve learnt a crazy amount about currency/exchange rates. I never thought I’d get used to the US dollar (what with the pennies, nickels and dimes?!) And the coolest thing? There’s such thing as Disney currency. Yep! There are Disney dollars and they look like pretty cute colored dollar bills.
  3. Bottomless mugs are a big normality. Bottomless meaning that sodas at restaurants are often refillable for free!
  4. Tip and tax are different. Tip and tax/gratuity are not usually included in the bill or on price points. Tax is usually about 10% of the price however gratuity could be 10%-20%, 18% if you’re on Disney property.
  5. There’s no such thing as Maccas. It’s Mickey D’s!
  6. On the topic of wording, chips = fries, soft drink = sodas, rubbish = trash, postcode = zip code, mobile = cell and there’s plenty more to add to the list!
  7. Waffle fries are an awesome delicacy.
  8. Driving on the other side of the side/being a passenger is scary. And I’m not sure if it’s an all America-wide thing but I rarely see anyone signal. I also don’t feel like pedestrian crossings have humans as the first priority…
  9. Eggs your way are really indeed eggs your way! Overhard, overeasy, scrambled, boiled, sunny side up, soft boiled AND poached! So many options.
  10.  The date order. I’ve been so used to writing date, month, year all my life but now it’s month, date, year!

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