Scarvelli // Balwyn (Revisit)

I went back to Scarvelli with a group of my girlfriends and had a pretty good time. The service and vibe of the place is still laid back and friendly.  It didn’t take too long for the food to come out either. s-tt-4
Goodlife bowl – kale, roasted cauliflower, sweet potato, quinoa, pomegranate, lime dressing & poached egg // $15
This is the dish I ordered. I’ve had the Goodlife bowl a couple times already but I haven’t tried this edition with the sweet potato and roasted cauliflower. I was super pleased because I’ve had this obsession with sweet potato recently and it was just delicious. I think this is probably the best breakfast option at Scarvelli. I love the combination of ingredients and they’re all veggies I like. The crispy kale is perfect ( I tried making it at home last week and it was so bitter and gross). I also love sweet pomegranate so yes basically everything in this bowl I liked separately, so altogether? It was the best! #bigfan
s-tt-1Paprika Fritters + Zucchini Spaghetti // $16
The rest of these dishes featured were my friend’s orders which I can’t really comment on except everyone mentioned food envy (over my dish) so I don’t think they were super impressed by their order. Continue reading


3 Monkeys Place // Doncaster East

I had heard so much about 3 Monkeys Place before seeing it for myself so I was pretty excited to have brunch here. I didn’t know what to expect so I was pleasantly surprised to find myself at a pretty cute and relaxed cafe. I really liked the simple decor and the bright flowers on each of the tables.3mktt
It started raining after we arrived so it really was perfect timing. I had a hard time deciding what to order but in the end we agreed that there can always be future visits and I can always order something else next time. 3mp TT (3)
 ‘Charlie’s Burger’ with Chips and Siracha Mayo // 17
Charlie’s burger is made out of a spicy beef and pork patty along with the usual toppings of lettuce and tomato. I tried some of the siracha mayo and it was delicious – was a great tangy combination. Apparently the burger itself was quite filling but the patty could be more succulent and tender. These chips are the same chips you would get if you ordered the ‘Beer Battered Chips’ as a side.
3mp TT (2)
Porky Pig // 16
I ordered the ‘Porky Pig’ which has since then been updated. This picture however is the older version of the porky pig (main difference is that it is presented differently and now comes with CRISPY CRACKING #JELLY).  Porky Pig is basically pork belly with a radish salad and roti underneath. My favourite component of the dish was hands down the salad. I absolutely loved it – I wish I had the recipe. It was fresh, simple and I’d be pretty satisfied just eating a huge bowl of this salad.3mk tt2
Under the fried egg was my pork belly! Okay so I know pork belly is really fatty but I felt sooo unhealthy eating this. It was tasty but the fat content was quite heavy and didn’t feel that balanced with the salad. I liked the sweetest of the tamarind glaze.  The roti was a little disappointing but overall I was happy with the dish (mostly because of the salad).
3mp TT (1)
3 Monkeys is quite convenient in regards to parking so I’m sure I’ll be back. It has a nice environment and it’s appealing to the eye. It isn’t a cheap place to have brunch but the menu is fusion and offers

a change from a typical brunch menu

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Rice Workshop // Emporium

Today I want to share about my latest Japanese cheap eats experience at Rice Workshop. Most people would recognize rice workshop by their famous green tea and now black sesame $2.00 ice cream cones while I recognize it by their rice bowls.RW TT (3)
The way it works at Rice Workshop is that you order over the counter and prepay for your meal.You are then given a buzzer and when your food is ready you go back to the counter to collect it. At the counter there is Japanese spice/chilli powder and plastic cutlery. My uni friends and I decided to opt for a quick easy meal before having dessert. Below are some of the things we ordered :)RW TT (4)
Teriyaki Rice BowlRW TT (5)
Cooked Salmon Fillet Bowl + Salad+ PickleRW TT (1)
Eel Bowl (Unagi) + Salad + Pickle
I ordered this rice bowl! I love the taste of unagi and I hadn’t had it for quite some time. It was pretty tasty I think I devoured it quite quickly, Japanese pickles taste really crunchy and it matches the dish quite well. RW TT (2)Sashimi Rice Bowl + Salad + Egg
This looks so good and fresh! That salmon just looks really juicy and tender like it would melt in your mouth. I think this will be my next pick when I get to go back.

Rice workshop is a quick service type of restaurant. Overall nothing too fancy but the prices are quite reasonable. It’s a suitable meal for uni students or those having a quick work break.

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‘Eggs Your Way’ @ Melissa Cakes Cafe Bar // Templestowe

I labelled this post ‘Eggs Your Way’  as this post features different combinations of eggs your way at Melissa Cakes Cafe Bar!MCCB - TT (1) This place is quite large and suitable for both small and big groups. The staff weren’t overly friendly – quite normal – but did give us different instructions, e.g. one of the staff told us to sit in a spot that was already reserved for someone else so we had to move and we weren’t really assisted to a suitable location (just a DIY). Every restaurant has it’s own culture so I felt like this cafe was nice but a more reserved place, not a ‘homely’ cosy type of atmosphere (if you’re not a local?). Unfortunately I didn’t grab a photo of their full menu but from the top of memory, Melissa Cakes Cafe Bar has an extensive menu (not including their speciality cakes and small delights at the front of the store). They offer breakfast, brunch, lunch and small appetisers for an affordable price.  Continue reading

The Tea Salon // Melbourne Emporium

There has been much hype about ‘The Tea Salon‘ and it’s almost jam packed everytime I walk past (sometimes even queues from the outside)- so I was very surprised to learn that it is only rated 47%  on Urbanspoon (curently).  The overall decor (wallpaper, table setting etc) is very fancy, delicate and elegant. The colour scheme is quite femine and the overall concept of tea and scones (or high tea) really does invite the idea of a good quality time of catching up.

It is quite crowded (therefore also quite loud) and there are a lot of tables in a small amount of space. The cushioned seats are nice as there are pretty pillows lying about and there is also a take a way option which is near the very front of the store.

teasalon (1)
Before you even order the teacups are already set out for you (it’s like they assume you’ll definitely order a pot of tea!) – but there are other drink choices on the menu. It’s also not JUST high tea style of food – they also have meals such as  sandwiches, salad, fritters and polenta. Their complete menu is on their website (if you want to check it out for yourself), and prices are generally about $15 on average.teasalon (4)
Scottish Breakfast Tea // 5.5
My friend and I were only here for some afternoon tea so we decided to order a pot of tea (Scottish Breakfast – which was nice – a stronger version of black tea) and two scones to share.  Each scone is $6.50 eat in and comes with either jam + cream, or herbed butter.teasalon (3)
White Chocolate & Cranberry
with jam and cream // 6.50
This was the sweet choice and it was quite flavoursome – definitely not bland and the flavours of chocolate went really well with the cranberry. The scones also come out warm which is nice – a bit hard to cut though.

teasalon (2)
Rosemary Leek & Parmesan with whipped herbed butter //6.50
Out of the two, I definitely enjoyed this scone a lot more. It’s the savoury option and it wasn’t what I was expecting at all! Packed with flavour – I could eat a lot of these. I really liked the flavour of their whipped herbed butter as well.

We didn’t order any to-be-made items so the service was really quick. We didn’t need to wait long to be seated (approximately 5-10 minutes) and after we ordered the food arrived promptly.  The staff were friendly on this occasion (although looking at other reviews apparently the staff aren’t always great?).

I had a good time, but personally I wouldn’t make it a habit coming by. It’s quite expensive in terms of ‘value for money’ (not specifically the Tea Salon,  but in general any time of high tea style cafe is generally not cheap) however it’s nice for a special occasion. If you have a friend who is a tea lover and loves to catch up then this would definitely be a nice present to shout a friend.

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