White Mojo Speciality Coffee & Roaster //Balwyn

TTWMOJO (1) Hi guys! Brunch season seems to have caught up with me  very recently and to kick it off I thought I’d share with you my latest experience at ‘White Mojo Speciality Coffee & Roaster’ in Balwyn. This is their second store – the original being in the city. You can catch their menu here. TTWMOJO (2)
Hot Matcha Latte // $6.00 &  Regular Latte // $4.00
To start we ordered drinks. I tried their matcha latte and was recommended by our waiter to get the hot version. He even offered to make it extra hot! I love matcha lattes but I’m usually quite hesitant to order it because I’m not sure if it’ll really be ‘matcha’ and if it’s just going to be sweet flavouring. I was pleasantly surprised at how rich the matcha flavour was and how there was a bitter edge to it. $6.00 is quite expensive but it was a special occasion and I’m relieved that it was a matcha latte to my liking. I know the picture doesn’t do it much justice but it was actually a very dark green colour,
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Percy’s Aeroplane Cafe // Kew

It was time for a brunch catch up with the bestie and we decided to check out this place! There’s a menu uploaded onto Zomato which includes both breakfast and lunch.PA- TT (1)
Love the coffee art at Percy’s Aeroplane Cafe!PA- TT (2)

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Scarvelli Cafe // Balwyn

First time visiting Scarvelli Cafe and it was a delight!Scarvelli TT (1)
 I liked the overall presentation of the cafe, the simple decoration of flowers on the table and how spacious it is! There is also an outside seating area which fits heaps more people (larger groups).Scarvelli TT (4)
Apart from their regular menu they also have salads, muffins and baguette type of foods at the counter area.
Scarvelli TT (3)
The menu! I was tossing up between the Good life bowl, Dukkah Eggs, Wood Fired Salmon, Open Omelette and the Chilli Eggs & Ham – hahaha, too many choices meaning I’ll be back!
Scarvelli TT (2)
#yayfortealeaves #noteabagsatcafesplease (unless it’s teadrops/tea2 in my opinon…)Scarvelli TT (5)
Chilli Eggs & Ham // $16.50
Boyfriend said it was delicious :) He really liked the presentation – the eggs reminded him of ying/yang.Scarvelli TT (6)
 Wood fired Salmon // $17
This was my dish! It was so delicious. One of my favourite breakfast dishes I’ve had no joke. I thought everything complimented each other really well – I liked the citrus flavours (I think from the mustard salsa and avo) against the crispy polenta. #justyum. I wouldn’t say I was full afterwards though, but it was a comfortable stomach.

The waiters were friendly and the atmosphere was nice. I came on a rainy day too. The only downside was that it did take awhile for the food to come out after our orders were placed. The food was worth it though! I’ll be back :)

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Top Paddock // Richmond

I was really excited to check out Top Paddock because it’s a highly popular brunch place with great reviews. Their menu looks absolutely amazing and I just want to try pretty much everything. Of course I was also very excited to catch up with the wonderful company of my girlfriends too :)

When we arrived we were greeted by a friendly staff member (and had pleasant service throughout the rest of the stay). We needed to queue up (approx 11AM) and it was extremely busy/packed. We only waited for about 5 minutes because we ended up being seated on a round table (that fits 6) and had to sit opposite 3 other strangers. It was a little strange at first because you don’t get the comfort of privacy and space, however the people opposite us were quite friendly. It was also very loud so it was quite hard to hear their conversations vice versa.

Also, from my experience parking was a pain! Be prepared to pay $7.50 per hour for parking around that Richmond area. Top Paddock (1)It’s awesome how they have an extra cafe menu and a DAILY specials menu as well – it’s not given out to you at the table so you probably need to request it, or else it’s at the front counter (where the muffins are). When I was there, some of their specials included items such as, ‘Local pine mushrooms served on house made flatbread with taleggio cheese & a garlic, chilli + parsley oil 18.50’, ‘Whitebait tacos with corinder, chilli & corn salsa 18.00′, Chilli beef & bean pie with your choice of a side salad & tomato relish 15.00’ Just to name a few! They  also serve fresh juice and have a variety of salads available where you can add ocean trout as a side for $7.Top Paddock (2)Top Paddock Menu (Soooo many choices! All day brunch)Top Paddock (3) Gin and lime cured ocean trout with pickled baby beetroots, potato galette, poached eggs, leaves, goats curd & toast // $20

This was the dish I ordered and I waited in high anticipation for it. I’m  personally not a fan of goats curd/beetroots but I chose this dish for the ocean trout. I had high expectations and though it was a pretty good dish (the concept) there were a couple of big faults.

Not so good things: There was surprising quite a few bones in my trout (atleast 5) and pretty big ones too. I definitely would not have chocked on them but it did lower my view on the standard of Top Paddock. It did make me feel that they were too busy to ensure quality goes into their food – and I can be sympathetic knowing it’s a high pressure environment, but I’m not sure if as a customer I should be accepting. My ocean trout was slightly overcooked (you can probably tell by looking at the photo actually). Honestly I’m still surprised that their standard dropped (compared to other reviews I’ve read about this ocean trout!) but I didn’t want to make a fuss. I haven’t come across any other reviews that have mentioned bones so I’m hoping and willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.I was impressed by everything else – presentation, customer service, visual appearance of their store and their menu- so I  really want them to present great tasting food too!  It’s a shame because most people seem to have a great experience at Top Paddock.

Good things: Beautifully poached eggs, great tasting potato and my friends and I loved the presentation. We probably spent about 5-10 minutes taking photos of our food… I only wish there was more of that potato on my plate because I love how it’s layered so delicately.The pickled beetroot had a very unique and interesting flavour, I didn’t dislike it but I wasn’t a huge fan of the flavour combination of everything together. I didn’t really feel like the flavours were balanced out but again, I kind of think that it was just a lack of consistency on the day I went and bad luck to me.

Based on my the appearance of friend’s dishes and the other menu options, I am STILL convinced that I will come back (and I hope that perhaps it was just that once off experience). I’ll need to come back and hopefully it’s better tasting food next time.Top Paddock (4) Pan fried local snapper with a chilli-fried egg, avocado, tomato, lime and a corn tortilla // $19.50

This was Top Paddock’s other famous fish dish with a pan fried snapper! My friend found it quite simple, The avocado and lemon creates that fresh tone to the dish. Unfortunately her snapper was slightly over cooked too!TPTop Paddock – chorizo, pickled onion, peppers, basil, Adelaide green tomatoes, bacon, poached eggs & relish on toast // $22

This dish looks absolutely smashing! My friend really enjoyed it too. It’s definitely a more hearty option for brunch.Top Paddock (5)Other highly popular/recommended dishes at Top Paddock are:

Blueberry & ricotta hotcakes with berries, organic maple, seeds & double cream // 17.50

Grilled broccolini & sugar snaps with avocado, toasted almonds, poached eggs & heidi raclette on toast // 17.50

Ranger Valley Wagyu steak sandwhich with beetroot relish, tempura beetroot shoots, fresh horseradish & wasabi leaves // 20.00

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Manchester Press (Revisit 2013 vs 2014)

The first time I went to Manchester Press I didn’t blog  about so I thought I’d resurface the pictures since the menu is different now! Both times I’ve enjoyed my experience, however I liked what was on the menu better last year mostly because they still had baked eggs :P

Manchester Press tends to have ‘colder’ foods out such as bagels and salads which provides the benefits of fresher tasting food. This also means that the cooking/serving time is much faster which is good because Manchester Press has a great influx of customers coming in and out. They don’t take bookings either so you’ll probably find yourself waiting outside for approx 10 minutes. When you arrive you need to tell a waiter so they can write your name in chalk as part of the waiting list. Price ranges from approx $13-$16

2014Manchester (4)
Salmon Bagel (Salad, Crème Cheese, Capers-optional, Lemon) $14?
This was delicious – they are super generous with the amount of salmon they give out  which is definitely more than expected/necessary- but totally wonderful if you’re a salmon lover.I love salad as well so this was great for me.  Manchester (1)Beautifully presented coffee that tasted good too.

Keep in mind that the menu has changed so these items are not available anymore.
Manchester (2) Smoked Salmon Salad Approx $15-16
I remember I was really pleased when this dish came out. Salads aren’t generally that big, but this was a generous serving size – it came out in this massive bowl! The salmon was a fillet and it tasted really nice with the salad together. Great simple combo.
They still do salads at Manchester Press now, but the flavours and combinations are slightly different  (more adventurous in my opinion).Manchester (3)
Baked Eggs
My friend’s dish so not entirely sure how it tasted, but it LOOKS GOOD and hearty! You get bagels too.Manchester (5)

Manchester Press is definitely one of the cheaper brunch/breakfast options in the Melbourne CBD.

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The Hardware Société // Melbourne

Recently my boyfriend and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary! We started the day by having brunch at ‘The Hardware Société ‘ in the Melbourne CBD.

 I was really looking forward to checking this place out. I have heard so much about it and have been meaning to go for a long long time!

“Coddled Eggs” $20
First impressions were good because the presentation is so lovely. It seems like everything they served came  out on a board! They gave us a a very generous amount of bread! To be honest I was disappointed with the coddled eggs – for something that is meant to be the start of the dish I think it was slightly overcooked. Luckily everything else was nice and tasty. I enjoyed the cured meats and overall everything went well together and I felt quite full and satisfied afterwards.

The highlight was the atmosphere and the service. We had a very nice waitress who was easy going and made nice but casual conversations with us. She definitely made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I want to come back  to try other foods bloggers have been raving about (e.g. their baked eggs) or check out their lunch menu. The Coddled Eggs dish was different to what I’d normally have for brunch so I’m happy I gave it a try however it’s not something I’d get again here.

I’d recommend this place as a great cafe for GROUPs because majority of their tables fit 4+ people. In fact, being a couple makes it’s harder to get a table!


Love the decor! AND the lights!IMG_1788

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It was such a special day and I am so blessed to have him in my life. He is so patient and caring towards me and constantly making me laugh and smile. ^^There have definitely been tough times, but also many happy moments – all that I cherish because I’ve learnt and grown so much as a person! :) I really feel that God has been working so much in the both of us as individuals to be better people. Relationships are challenging, but I think that’s because we’re imperfect people. Imperfect people have expectations of others that won’t always be fulfilled but it’s how you deal with disappointments and what you do about it to support one another still. I say that’s why we need our lovingly Heavenly Father to be our focus so that because of His love, despite our imperfections, we can learn to love and respect others. It’s really because of God’s love that we even have a glimpse of what love is in the first place.