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Cafe Carpenter // Malvern East

 cc-tt-5After I saw the menu online, visiting Cafe Carpenter bumped to the top of my ‘to try’ list.  I was sucked in because there were so many delicious options and the photos of the food looked great! When we arrived I found that the cafe was a lot smaller than I had expected but it’s very cute  with stylish decorations. I wouldn’t come here with a big crowd but a small group of 2-4 would be perfect. We were pretty lucky it wasn’t busy when we arrived because I can imagine the wait for a seat would have taken awhile.cc-tt-2
Sweet Potato Noodles (Beef & Veg) // 16
The noodles had a very homely feel. It was clear that they used fresh ingredients but it was simple. I liked that the noodles weren’t soaked in oil (compared to the usual chap chae I’ve tried).
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Tokyo Pop // Melbourne Emporium

Tokyo Pop TangerT (3)
Tokyo Pop is a nice and simple Japanese inspired restaurant in the Emporium. It’s quite cheap and there is plenty of variety on their menu. I have been pleasantly surprised by my visit here and wished I had found out about this place earlier while I was still visiting the city quite often. Oh well! I’m sorry I can’t exactly recall the food prices but below is my rough estimation (from memory it wasn’t very expensive compared to other places in the Emporium!).

Tokyo Pop TangerT (1)
Ramen (Approx $8-9) (Friend’s dish)
Tokyo Pop TangerT (2)
Seaweed and Tofu Salad (Approx $6.50)
This was actually really delicious. I was so happy eating this and actually it was surprisingly big! The seaweed portion is really generous and the sesame salad dressing is great for tying everything together. The tofu was really soft and I didn’t expect it but I felt full afterwards! It’s a great snack. Tokyo Pop TangerT (5)
Okonomiyaki (Japanese Vegetable Pancake) Approx ($5)
As I thought I would still be hungry, I ordered this to accompany my salad (with regrets because I was actually not that hungry to begin with!). This was nice, but one or the other would have been fine for my tummy! I like how generous they are with the sauce because it really lifts the pancake. I generally like Okonomiyaki’s anyway so I thought Tokyo pop’s rendition of it was good. 
Tokyo Pop TangerT (4)
This is the seating area of Tokyo Pop. It’s located downstairs in the Emporium – it’s one of those restaurants where you order and pay for your food at the front first. I would definitely come back and try other things on their menu, but honestly I think I’ll just be too tempted to get that salad again :)

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Mr Shabu Shabu // Canberra

Flashback to my recent visit in Canberra about Mr Shabu Shabu. I really enjoyed the food and my time there. My first impressions of the place was a good one because visually I thought the interior was very nice, simple and modern. Shabu (1) I ordered the beef set which was $14.80. It came with a hot pot of soup (in which you place your raw meats in to cook), seaweed salad, rice, enoki, a sesame peanut sauce, tea and an asian type of roll similar to a spring roll? You can order add on such as extra meat for about $7. Shabu (3)Now on to taste… Oh my, the broth tasted so nice! I could seriously keep drinking it (but it did get a lot more salty after adding the beef in). My negative comment would be that their choice of cutlery does make it a bit tricky to eat. I only wish they gave you a soup spoon AND a serving spoon instead of just the latter. I found it hard to drink the soup.Shabu (2)I love seaweed salad so I’m super happy with that, and the sauce was a great combo with everything else  Shabu (4)
I think MrShabu Shabu is a nice place to have a meal especially on a cold winter day in Canberra! I liked the overall atmosphere and the staff were friendly. I really enjoyed the food and I thought the price was very reasonable. It’s the closest thing to an Asian hot pot for a much cheaper price.

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