Scarvelli // Balwyn (Revisit)

I went back to Scarvelli with a group of my girlfriends and had a pretty good time. The service and vibe of the place is still laid back and friendly.  It didn’t take too long for the food to come out either. s-tt-4
Goodlife bowl – kale, roasted cauliflower, sweet potato, quinoa, pomegranate, lime dressing & poached egg // $15
This is the dish I ordered. I’ve had the Goodlife bowl a couple times already but I haven’t tried this edition with the sweet potato and roasted cauliflower. I was super pleased because I’ve had this obsession with sweet potato recently and it was just delicious. I think this is probably the best breakfast option at Scarvelli. I love the combination of ingredients and they’re all veggies I like. The crispy kale is perfect ( I tried making it at home last week and it was so bitter and gross). I also love sweet pomegranate so yes basically everything in this bowl I liked separately, so altogether? It was the best! #bigfan
s-tt-1Paprika Fritters + Zucchini Spaghetti // $16
The rest of these dishes featured were my friend’s orders which I can’t really comment on except everyone mentioned food envy (over my dish) so I don’t think they were super impressed by their order. Continue reading


Percy’s Aeroplane Cafe // Kew

It was time for a brunch catch up with the bestie and we decided to check out this place! There’s a menu uploaded onto Zomato which includes both breakfast and lunch.PA- TT (1)
Love the coffee art at Percy’s Aeroplane Cafe!PA- TT (2)

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‘Eggs Your Way’ @ Melissa Cakes Cafe Bar // Templestowe

I labelled this post ‘Eggs Your Way’  as this post features different combinations of eggs your way at Melissa Cakes Cafe Bar!MCCB - TT (1) This place is quite large and suitable for both small and big groups. The staff weren’t overly friendly – quite normal – but did give us different instructions, e.g. one of the staff told us to sit in a spot that was already reserved for someone else so we had to move and we weren’t really assisted to a suitable location (just a DIY). Every restaurant has it’s own culture so I felt like this cafe was nice but a more reserved place, not a ‘homely’ cosy type of atmosphere (if you’re not a local?). Unfortunately I didn’t grab a photo of their full menu but from the top of memory, Melissa Cakes Cafe Bar has an extensive menu (not including their speciality cakes and small delights at the front of the store). They offer breakfast, brunch, lunch and small appetisers for an affordable price.  Continue reading

Balderdash Cafe // Port Melbourne

Balderdash Tanger (5)
It was time for another brunch adventure. This time we ventured out to Port Melbourne and thanks to my friend through good old urbanspoon she found Balderdash! The name really appealed to me because the game Balderdash is pretty fun so this place sounded quite intriguing. When we arrived we found the cafe right on the corner, it’s cosy,simple and nicely decorated with flowers. I could not remember the exact names of the dishes we ordered because the website menu is a little out of date but the overall concepts of the dishes are the same, they just alter the fillings or sauces slightly to the dish.Balderdash Tanger (3)
A flat tortilla with spicy refried beans, a house made salsa of avocado, tomato, red onion and topped with two free range fried eggs (Back by popular request) $16? (Friend’s dish)
My friend enjoyed her meal! She said she was pretty full after eating it and I imagine this dish has to be pretty good for it to be ‘back by request’. It looks fresh with the avocado salad and I personally love the zing onion brings to a dish.Balderdash Tanger (4)
Fritters made with corn, corn, zucchini & fire roasted peppers and served with avocado and goats cheese mash, chilli jam and a poached egg, $15.5 (My dish)
I on the other hand ordered the corn fritters. I was really looking forward to it because other reviewers have said it tasted good and I haven’t had much experience with corn fritters before. The menu said it was to come with chilli jam so I was a bit hesitant about the combination especially with avocado mash (it did sound a little strange) but I thought it was a perfect match. The rocket also tied the different foods together (I’m really happy there was rocket in this dish!). The chilli jam was not spicy, infact it really just tasted like tangy tomato relish. I wish there was more of it because it tasted so good. I was surprisingly quite full after eating this dish and I know I would happily come back and order this again. Balderdash Tanger (6)
Instead of salt and pepper shakers their salt and pepper comes in little round discs. The salt was really nice!Balderdash Tanger (1)
Overall I love the look of this cafe. It’s small, busy but cosy. The staff were quite friendly as they regularly checked up on us to see if we wanted any more drinks and they made sure we didn’t need to wait long to be served. The waiting time for the dish was about 15-20 minutes, but the corn fritters were very nice and I’d definitely recommend it.
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Moka Pot Cafe (Good Food, Iffy Service)

Moka Pot Cafe
They provide breakfast, lunch and drinks (breakfast till 2:30PM!)
I’ve been to Moka Pot Cafe a few times and each time the food has been quite good. It’s definitely more costly than Aura Cafe but the food is probably just a tad better here – however their service is not (Aura has top notch service, friendly staff members who greet you and check on you once in awhile). I have to say at Moka Pot Cafe it’s been highly disappointing. I really don’t know why because Moka Pot Cafe is generally quite busy and has pretty good reviews on Urbanspoon – it’s a visually appealing place and it just SEEMS like a friendly environment so I get drawn to wanting to go in (it does look inviting from the outside) but the last two times I’ve gone, I haven’t really been greeted at the door, instead slightly ignored. I will continue this line of thought at the end of my blog post since it’s quite long (Don’t read it if you don’t like rants!). For now, moving onto the GOOD stuff – the foooood!!! 

The last time I came here, I ordered the Egyptian Eggs ( poached eggs, dukkah, spiced pumpkin, caramelised onion, spinach + toasted Turkish pide) and it was SO good. I really enjoyed the combination and they were generous with the amount of pumpkin they gave (cubed pumpkin). The flavours and spices went well together. I remember I thought that it may not be filling without toast but it was just right. I was so tempted to try it again, but decided to go for their Health Kick (though they had this special mushroom dish which sounded pretty good).

moka3Health Kick $16.9 // poached eggs served w/ confit tomato, smashed avocado, spinach, tomato relish on multigrain toast)
Disappointing smashed avo (quite a thin mushy layer of it), but I loved the tomato relish combo with the poached eggs and spinach. (SERIOUSLY YUMMY RELISH!!) Overall a good dish and quite filling too. (Fills you up more than the Egyptian Eggs). I like the concept of the dish with smashed avo because at other cafes you usually only have the option to get smashed avo by itself or just with eggs.moka2Big Breakfast 19.9// choice of poached, fried or scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, hash brown, mushrooms, oven roasted tomato, spinach + toast
I didn’t order this dish (bf did) and it looked very yummy! Nothing too special about it though. The negatives is that bacon (a lot of the pieces were quite burnt), but those scrambled eggs and mushrooms look very nice! It was a pretty big serving as well. 
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Aura Cafe // Doncaster

aura (2)I caught up with my high school friends at Aura Cafe over some really nice food and conversations! The price range for brekky/brunch  is about $14-$17 not including drinks (however they do also have a great looking lunch menu).It’s been awhile since we last saw each other because we all have pretty different timetables and commitments so it was really nice to get together again! Despite our clashes in timetables, I love how we still make the effort to see each other and I know this friendship is truly a special one.aura (1)  Poached Special (Smoked Salmon, 3 Poached Eggs and Julienne Tomato salad)
I ordered this delicious looking dish and was really happy with it.  I was initially worried it wouldn’t be filling but there was a generous portion of smoked salmon. I’ve never had 3 poached eggs for brunch before, but I  really enjoyed everything together. The lemon helped the dish with it’s acidity making it taste fresher/lighter, and the tomato was a good way to combine everything. I also loved the presentation.aura (3) French Toast (Berries, Syrup and Cream)aura (4)Corn Fritters with Avoaura (5)Eggs Benedict

I’ve now been to Aura Cafe on multiple occasions and each time I’ve managed to try something different. I’ve enjoyed every meal I’ve had here and the service has always been great. The staff are friendly and like to check up on you to see how you’re finding the meal as well. The price is really good for the area and there is quite a large selection of dishes to choose from in the menu.

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